Accessory Power Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard Review


The GX-K3 comes with many different features that help make your computing experience a lot easier and a lot more fun. The illumination of the board is clearly one of the most advertised features of this keyboard and rightfully so.The GX-K3 has hybrid switches, which Accessory Power notes to provides the mechanical switch feel, for a lower cost.Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard 4

Giving you the ability to choose between red, blue, purple or no light adds that little extra bit of personality to your desktop. Just in case you’re curious, we’re rocking the purple. Another great function that we have seen in a few of our keyboard reviews is the spill-resistance. The hybrid keys have a plunger function that allows small spills to flow down the keyboard without getting into the internal components of the keyboard. Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard 5This is in no way a “water proof” seal we are giving the product but in the heat of the action the keyboard should be able to rid of a few battle scars. Next we have the short-cut keys. The GX-K3 comes with media shortcut keys which can be employed by holding down the Fn key, located under your right palm, and hitting the corresponding “F” for the action you wish to take. F9, F10 and F12 will load your Default Email, Internet Browser and Calculator, respectively. The F11 key will lock out the entire keyboard when combined with the Fn Key. Other special key combinations this keyboard has are the turbo key function and the start menu lock function. Also with the Pg Up and Dn buttons you can adjust the keyboard lighting to your desired brightness or change the colour completely by clicking the key to the right of the Fn key.Enhance GX-K3 Keyboard 6OVERALL ANALYSIS AND FINAL THOUGHTS

The GX-K3 comes in at $34.99 USD on Amazon and is backed by a three-year limited warranty and advanced technical support should you have any issues. At the end of the day, we really enjoyed this keyboard, a great clicky feel to the keys, a beautiful backlit selection and some little extras in the form of shortcut keys is awesome in our books. A larger backspace button and a palm rest would be the only improvements we could see and those are even minor adjustments based on personal preference. The pro’s definitely out-weigh the con’s and for that we give the GX-K3 our Bronze Seal Award!

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The rage of red, the calm of blue or the elegance of purple, which do you choose? Lucky enough our new keyboard from Accessory Power can illuminate your keyboard with all three. We are going to take an in-depth look at the GX-K3. From the moment you see this product you’ll be intrigued. The slick, predominantly black box has just enough colour and pattern to draw your gaze to the packaging’s focal point, the beautifully purple lit GX-K3. ENHANCE GX-K3 KEYBOARD COMPONENTS Taking the GX-K3 out of the box you’ll immediately notice that this keyboard has a little more weight…

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The Accessory Power GX-K3 gaming keyboard is a great value option gaming keyboard that has many features. We have a couple of suggestions, but all in all a solid buy!

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