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Once we remove the fan, we get a good look at the heat-sink itself. As we can see it is a large dual-tower aluminum and copper heat-sink, which features a similar design to the NH-D14 with some major improvements.  Its measurements are 150mm wide, 160mm tall and 135mm deep without the fan, and the height and depth are increased to 165mm and 161mm respectively, with the fan installed.

Firstly, the aluminum fins have been cutoff at the bottom, providing increased compatibility for taller memory modules. The fins also feature a new design based off of the NH-U14S, which curve inward at the center.

The six 6 mm nickel-plated copper heat-pipes which protrude out from the bottom of each of the dual heat-sinks into the base, have been spaced apart ever so slightly to transfer heat more efficiently.


The base of the cooler, while reflective is not quite a mirror-finish. While at the top of the heat-sink we’ll see where the six copper heat-pipes are capped off, two of them slightly shorter than the rest. We’ll also find a Noctua logo embossed into both towers.

The NF-A15 fans included with the cooler are 140mm PWM with a speed of 300-1500 RPM, a max noise of 24.6 dBA and a max airflow rating of 82.5 CFM, they also use an SSO type bearing.


The design of the fans features 7 fairly large blades with three angled ridges at the top for improved airflow. Of course, as with the majority of Noctua’s fans, they feature their signature two-tone brown and beige color-scheme, which some may love and others may not.

The fans are attached to the cooler using metal wire clips, which slip through the fans mounting holes. They also feature some nice rubber padding around the corners to help with noise dampening. The fans 4-pin PWM power cable is sleeved with an all black dimpled rubber, which has heatshrink tubing at both ends to hide the colored cables inside. This gives it a very nice and clean look.

In the world of PC cooling few names carry as much weight as Noctua; an Austria based cooling technology company, which specializes in high-end air coolers and fans. You may even consider them the BMW of PC cooling. Their former flagship air cooler: the NH-D14 holds high regard with PC enthusiasts and overclockers everywhere. So naturally when they approached us to do a review of the cooler replacing that highly successful model: the Noctua NH-D15, we jumped at the opportunity! PACKING, PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS The packaging features a mostly white and brown/black color scheme with a shadowy image of the…

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if you're an enthusiast in the market for a high-end air cooling solution, that is not only quiet but performs at the level of some all-in-one liquid coolers, then you should look no further than the Noctua NH-D15!

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  1. Do your cooler intake temps remain at 25.2c all the time? Only 1.4c above room temperature? That is extremely low cooler intake difference from room. I get that much difference testing on a bench. Best in case cooler intake temps are 2-3c above room and that’s with modified case cooling, not an out of the box case fan setup.

    Nice Review!!

    • I wouldn’t say all the time, but yes the difference in room and intake temps are never more than 2c apart and usually are around 1.5c.

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