Phanteks Eclipse P400S Chassis Review


Phanteks has nearly hit this one out of the park, sadly a few small oversights have landed this budget case right around the average mark. The price is great ($70USD), the idea’s and features advertised are great but when put into action they have fallen short quite a few times. Eclipse P400S CaseDon’t get us wrong this is still a great case but, adjusting the fan controller so you know what level your at or making the extra room to actually have the AIO Cooler in the top panel where we prefer, would have made this case a heck of a lot better. Switching the PSU installation to the cable management side was a great idea and keeps the window side looking clean and tidy. Also venting the PSU cover to allow inverted installation is great and we like that. We don’t think this chassis is preferable for those who use AIO coolers and also use lots of expansion bays. An air cooler would make this whole case work much easier and allow for all the expansion ports to be used. RGB LED’s add a nice flare to this chassis and give it a nice hue. As you can see there are many pro’s and many con’s but overall we did enjoy the chassis and the build and for that we award it our Silver Seal.

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When it comes to chassis' what is it that you're looking for? Is it size, customization, noise levels or price? The list can go on as to what we, as individuals, are looking for in the perfect case. Especially considering that every one has their own perfect idea of what they are looking for in a chassis. Today we are going to take a look at the Eclipse P400S from Phanteks. OVERVIEW We all know Phanteks has been notorious for releasing fantastic chassis' that never seem to disappoint. With the Eclipse P400S they have come close to a near bullseye.…

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Great Budget!

Phanteks' Eclipse P400S is a silent case with great advertising features, but there are a few hiccups when the build process commences. Overall a decent case.

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