XFX R9 280 Double Dissipation Graphics Card Review


Tomb Raider (2013)

The most recent iteration of Crystal Dynamic’s long-running series, Tomb Raider represents one of the best-looking titles on PC to date. Its varied landscapes and beautiful organic environments create a quite graphically demanding title.

We this game on “Ultimate” with TressFX and FXAA at 1080p. MSAA and is disabled.


As we can see, our 280 DD is able to do quite well, while at stock our minimum FPS does dip into the high 30s, the game does remain smooth and playable, averaging over 52FPS. That being said, once overclocked our card never drops below 46 and manages to increase average FPS to over 60, which is fantastic, as this represents a performance increase of nearly 15 percent.

Assassins Creed Unity

The latest installment in the annualized Assassins Creed series by Ubisoft, Unity represents their most ambitious title yet, featuring full 1-1 recreations of revolutionary France’s most iconic locales, this massive-open world title is one of the most demanding titles on PC at present.

We test on “High” preset with SSAO and FXAA at 1080p.


AC Unity is not the easiest game to run, even though many of its performance issues have been fixed, it is still not perfect. That being said, this card does run it quite well, and once overclocked even manages to stay above 45 FPS, and averages over 51 FPS. Not too bad!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The latest version of the long-running Call of Duity franchise, and the first to be developed by Sledehammer Games, Advanced Warfare brings a fresh spin on an old formula, some very nice visuals along with it.

We test with all settings maxed out, Caching, Shader Preloading, and Super Sampling disabled, and at 1080p.


Advanced Warfare is a pretty good looking title, but with Supersampling disabled it isn’t very intensive. Both configurations manage to average over 120FPS, with the overclocked card doing a bit better. It is worth nothing that the game took a huge performance hit with Supersampling enabled and was unable with anything more than 2x.

Crysis 3

Crytek’s final installment in the Crysis trilogy is easily their most graphically ambitious release, and even though it is now a few years old, it still represents the bleeding-edge in graphical fidelity.

We test on “High” with FXAA at 1080p.


Another impressive showing, the 280 manages to average over 66 FPS at stock and increases about 15 percent to just over 77 with our overclock.

Grand Theft Auto V

One of the most highly-anticipated releases for PC, GTA V is the latest installment of Rockstar’s long-running genre-defining open-world shooter, and it is their most graphically demanding title yet! with massive city that’s brought to life with immense detail.

We test on “Very High” with all “Advanced Graphics” and MSAA options turned off with FXAA enabled, and at 1080p.


GTA V is definitely a demanding title, however our 280 had no issues maintaining averages well above 60FPS and never dropped below 52, even then once overclocked we were able to average over 80FPS, which definitely made our 120Hz display happy. 

XFX is a company that specializes in making top-performing graphics cards, power supplies, and computer accessories for gamers and enthusiasts alike. In the world of desktop graphics, they are known to offer best in class warranty, and customer service. So naturally when they asked us to take a look at one of the older cards in their lineup, the XFX AMD Radeon R9 280 DD, we saw it as an opportunity to bring our viewers a review of a card that we've personally recommended many times in the past. PACKAGING, PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS Taking a look at the front of the package, we'll find…

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Build Quality


The XFX R9 280 DD offers a price-to-performance ratio that rivals even the latest cards on the market. On top of that, you get XFX's excellent Double Lifetime warranty, which is currently unmatched by any other vendor.

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