Cougar MX300 Midtower Gaming Case Review – Full Functionality Without Busting Your Budget

After connecting all of our cables, which have been routed behind the motherboard tray and drive cages as close as possible from each device, we then used a liberal amount of zip ties to secure all of the wiring to its desired routing path.  As you can see in the next image, the result is a vey tidy interior, with the main chamber wide open for maximum air movement.

MX300 image 52 - interior cable management 4-4

In order to attain a clean-looking result on the motherboard side, here is how our build looks on the back side.  We have connected both front fans via a splitter cable to a single connection from the fan controller harness.  The other two fan controller connections are to the top fan and the rear fan.

MX300-53 review rear of motherboard tray cable mgmt

Finally, we see the finished build with all wiring concealed and dressed.  Building a system into the MX300 has proven to be comparatively uncomplicated, and a rather speedy process.  We like the results.

MX300-54 finished build interior view 4-2

Do-it-yourself PC chassis manufacturers continue to bring new products to market at a steady pace.  While many such manufacturers gear the bulk of their offerings to the mid-level and enthusiast market, some companies have recognized the need for more budget-builder-friendly versions, especially for gamers. Cougar was founded in 2007, and their "Passion X Innovation" philosophy has produced many functional, user-oriented quality products geared towards the gaming community.  They brought a number of innovative technologies and refinements to their PC component offerings.  Whether it be case fans, power supplies or chassis, Cougar strives to create high-performance and high-quality products. Today's review…

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Great Value!

The Cougar MX300 is surprisingly built with good quality materials and features for a budget-level case. It is a very easy chassis to build a system into.

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