Cougar MX300 Midtower Gaming Case Review – Full Functionality Without Busting Your Budget


We will first take a quick tour around the exterior of the MX300, and then we will examine each panel area in more detail.  In the image below we see the front panel.  Note the mesh that you can see through almost all of the openings for optimizing airflow.

MX300-8 front panel view 4-4

Next we see the left side of the MX300.  The forward half features a clear window for showing off your build, or for viewing motherboard status indicator lights and/or diagnostic LED displays.  The rearward half contains a mesh area that allows for installation of up to two 120mm fans stacked one above the other.

MX300-9 left windwo panel view 4-3

In this next image, we see the rear panel area, with its bottom-mounted power supply.  Above this are the seven PCI expansion slots.  The top one is left open, assuming that this is where your (first) graphics card will reside.  If not, a spare slot cover is included in the hardware kit.  Above this is the motherboard I/O opening and the single pre-installed 120mm fan.  At the very top are a pair of grommeted liquid cooling tubing holes.

MX300 image 10 rear panel view 4-6

The MX300’s right side panel has the center 3/4 of its surface area extended outward approximately 1/2″ to allow for easier cable management.

MX300-11 right side view

Now we see the top panel with its molded-in Cougar logo.  Also visible beneath the mesh area are the two openings for 120mm fans.

MX300-12 top panel view 4-3

Finally, we see the bottom panel of the MX300.  The first image shows the bottom panel with the power supply fan filter installed, and the second image on the right is the filter itself.  Also note the four hard plastic feet at the corners.

Bottom Fan Filter

Do-it-yourself PC chassis manufacturers continue to bring new products to market at a steady pace.  While many such manufacturers gear the bulk of their offerings to the mid-level and enthusiast market, some companies have recognized the need for more budget-builder-friendly versions, especially for gamers. Cougar was founded in 2007, and their "Passion X Innovation" philosophy has produced many functional, user-oriented quality products geared towards the gaming community.  They brought a number of innovative technologies and refinements to their PC component offerings.  Whether it be case fans, power supplies or chassis, Cougar strives to create high-performance and high-quality products. Today's review…

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Design & Features
Ease Of System Assembly
Product Quality

Great Value!

The Cougar MX300 is surprisingly built with good quality materials and features for a budget-level case. It is a very easy chassis to build a system into.

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