23 Days, 9.5K miles, 18 States, 5 Provinces & 7 Time Zones – The Ultimate 2015 Corvette Z06 Test Drive


I am Canadian yet had never been to Jasper National Park and was thrown completely off guard.  With some of the sites we had seen on this trip, we figured that we were in for a simple ride home.  This black bear greeted us right off.

Jasper Park Bear

Not a mile from this shot, we drove up beside this cow elk…car pik!

Corvette Z06 ALLFLASH with Wildlife

Considering we weren’t in a wildlife park where the animals are fenced in order to bring them closer to you, we never thought we would be stopped by this:

Milking Calf

This wasn’t the whole picture.  To the right of this shot, the bull elk was pulling foliage from the trees.

Bull Elk

Every province seemed to have something in store for us.  Saskatchewan had an overabundance of cabbage butterflies this August and we think they intentionally flew in front of the Z06 as we approached.

Cabbage butterflies

In Manitoba, we were hosted for a run to Skinner’s last minute by the Corvette Club of Manitoba.  This was amazing and a big thank you to Wayne for arranging this!

Corvette Club of Manitoba

Ontario of course brought a great sign of familiarity… moose.  This shot was taken not an hour inside Ontario’s border.

Ontario Moose


We hope you enjoyed perusing this report, if not only for the pictures within.   Looking back to first thoughts of this expedition, I remember people thinking we were nuts to just hop into a brand new Corvette and drive across Canada and the US.  If I could recommend one thing, find the time and do the same.  Simply pick a point and drive.  When you get there, pick another.  Myself and Karen have done this across the US and Canada twice, and through Europe once and there isn’t a better feeling than not having a schedule.

Couples Pik!

In the same respect, this trip wouldn’t have been the same without the hospitality of so many family and friends…sincere thanks to all. If you find yourself planning similar and we can assist in any way at all, if only to assist with route planning, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A bit jealous of many right now.  While many in the US are still riding, ALLFLASH is tucked into its recently completed warm storage place for the winter, our first snow occurring just yesterday…

Garage Comp


  1. Excellent write up, Les. That is one amazing journey. Color me jealous.

  2. Thank you so much for documenting your adventure! I’ve always wanted to do a cross country road trip/adventure. Seeing the glimpses of what it is like truly motivates me to create my own journey some day soon. I love the not having a schedule part! Simply plan loosely, and hop in the car and see where it takes you. I can’t wait. I currently have a c6 Lingenfelter that I might take the journey on.

    Again thanks so much. Rarely do I ever find an article that keeps my attention from beginning to end. This one truly motivates me. I’m glad you and your wife had a great time and a safe journey.

    Take care!

  3. Les, thanks for your story. Enjoyed it immensely.

    My wife and I are leaving form Ontario for the west coast in 2 weeks. Plan to be away for 6 weeks. Mode of travel is our new 2019 Grand Sport. I’m feverishly working on details and gathering information to make sure we don’t miss anything along our planned route.

    We did a week practice run in the Vette to Gatlinburg Tennessee that included the Tail, Head and Back of the Dragon and also the BRP and Skyline Dr. All went well so we are now stoked about the next trip.

    Question: What did you use for luggage? We managed out of typical carry-on bags for the week. But I know we’ll need more of a variety of clothes with us out west as we are going to hit the real mountains. Weather can be anything. We want to be able to take the top off the car at any time during the trip so the bags need to fit below it.

    Thanks, Paul

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