Fisker EMotion Electric Car to Charge in 9 Minutes? | CES 2018 Update

Ok so, one of the largest and most stunningly impressive cars this year at CES just has to be the Fisker EMotion Electric car.  Displayed at the Quanergy booth, the Fisker EMotion contains level 4 self-driving capabilities and is autonomous. 

This car is also 16 feet long, 5 feet high and roomy.  The paint is absolutely stunning, styling is sleek and… accordingly, it may be up for order this year, for a price tag of $129,000 of course. 

The EMotion has 24″ wheels, is capable of speeds up to 161 mph and is expected to travel a full charge distance of 161mph.  This version of the car shown at CES is the Chauffer Edition which contains additional rear space and what appears to be a 27″ PC screen behind the passenger seat. 

You aren’t doing that in just any automobile today.  The Fisker EMotion also has a claim of an amazing 9 minute charge time which just may be a marketing mistake and the doors open in a butterfly fashion which may also be retooled before final production.

Let’s leave this quick update off with just a few more piks.  I don’t think it is possible to take a bad shot of this car.

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