Flir Flaunts VR Thermal Imaging — CES 2017 Update

Virtual Reality (VR) has a very large presence at CES this year, with the bulk of the VR displays being geared toward VR gaming.  People may not be aware that there a number of other useful tasks that VR can perform.

flir-vr-vegas-at-nightFlir is involved in bringing thermal imaging into the VR arena.  First developed for military and law enforcement applications, VR thermal imaging is extremely useful in helping locate enemy combatants, fugitives, missing persons, and even the likes of live game poachers. The first image above is a nighttime thermal imaging view of the Las Vegas Strip – quite impressive!  The next image is of a man walking through a park as viewed from an elevated vantage point.

flir-vr-man-in-parkThe image below shows the view that a young lady at the Flir booth sees through the VR headset display as she is tasked with locating certain objects in the room shown on the big screen.  The inset picture is her perspective as she looks around the room for the objects.  We would have liked to have tried the demo, but the line was (not unexpectedly) rather long.

flir-vr-headset-viewCan’t wait to see what other uses are discovered and developed for virtual reality!


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