Deep Cool’s Flashy Showcase – CES 2018 Update.

Being very well-known for their cooling products, Deep Cool invited us up to have a look at their new 2018 products.The spotlight here was aimed on their two new limited edition chassis which are the Ark 90 Electro as well as the Quadstellar Electro. Flashy should be the real focus here with both cases having a mirrored Tempered Glass appearance. Deep Cool’s Ark 90 has a very standard chassis look with a few twists. An integrated cooling loop spans from the CPU water block to the front where its obvious “cool” factor is quite noticeable. Separate from the IO is a RGB control panel for the self-contained lighting. A 280mm Captain radiator in addition to one 140mm exhaust fan are included in this package. This product will be available in May 2018 with an MSRP of $499 USD for the limited edition and $289 USD for the original chassis.

Moving on to the second of the two flashy siblings we have the Quadstellar Electro. This chassis is really unique to the market. Deep Cool gives you the four chamber design made specifically for cooling by keeping components separate. All the lighting can be controlled remotely through use of a phone app. This chassis also has a huge storage capability with room for eight 2.5″ or 3.5″ quick release drives and two 2.5″ that are for viewing with an RGB shroud. The release date for this is set for February for a pricey sum of $489 USD.Air cooling is designed to be a more budget cooling method as opposed to AIO loops. Deep Cool’s brand new Fryzen air cooler is designed exclusively for the new Threadripper CPU. Included is a huge copper surface to cover the large surface area of the big processor. This cooler is also equipped with two 120mm fans in a push pull configuration for amplified heat dissipation. Look for this cooler in early April at a price of $89 USD.We would also like to mention the new Captain 240EX RGB AIO cooler that was made to blend in with the two new chassis mentioned above.

If this is what the first day at CES has in store, we find it hard to fathom what the next two days are going to be like. Keep checking for more updates as CES continues!

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