Gigabyte Aorus’s New X9 Laptop Impresses – CES 2018 Update

If you know Ceasers Palace on the Vegas strip, you know that this hotel has a very old Roman feel about it. Gigabytes booth is located here but by no means do these products feel like old Romans.Brand new to their 2018 lineup is the X9 Aorus laptop. This new powerhouse is a worlds first in more than one regard. We are looking at the first quad fan design to be able to efficiently cool this beast of a machine. Mechanical keyboard are very important to gamers, especially in the laptop market. The X9 is the worlds thinnest laptop to incorporate true mechanical switches. We cant see this laptop lacking in performance with another worlds first dual GTX 1070 cards in SLI. Leaving room for upgrades in the future Aorus has added the option of having 64 GB of ram as well as running a 7th gen I7-7820HK overclockable processor. You can pick one of these with max specs for a price of $3649 USD. Next in their lineup is the K9 optical keyboard. Preference is a big deal when gaming peripherals are being talked about and it’s not very often we see an optical keyboard. We are looking at an unspecified IP protection but definitely some sort of spill protection is going to be included. With supported games and software this board also has the option of having movement sensitive keys which make your character move faster or slower depending on how depressed the switch is. You can actually accurate the switch without a key in the slot by sticking your finger in the key hole. The price of the K7 is around $129 USD so we can expect this to be over this price when released. What we have seen here is very interesting and we cant wait to get our hands on one or both of these.

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