HyperX Elite And Pulsefire Get A Refit – CES 2018 Update

Our second day into meetings here at CES and were excited to talk about some gaming based products. HyperX, which is a branch of Kingston, has taken us in from the busy streets of Vegas to show us what their 2018 lineup consists of.We are eager to discover their new peripheral lineup consisting of an Elite RGB board, a redesigned Pulsefire gaming mouse and a brand new wireless headset. HyperX’s Pulsefire Surge has a couple of huge adjustments to the lighting, side grips and new ambidextrous design. On the side of their new wireless headset, the Cloud Flight successfully does what the Cloud Alpha can do with the exception of tangled wires and only one sound chamber.We were introduced to the revamp of the Fury SSD series and its potential for great looking memory. This is one of the first actual SSD’s to be able to connect to all major motherboard lighting programs. As far as specs go, we are looking at a 240/480/960 GB options with a read of 550 MB/s and a write of 520 MB/s. These really have the potential to make chassis and builds pop with color. We can expect these to hit shelves in the summer months.Portable SSD’s are up and coming to the market with their many applications and ease of transport. New to the lineup is HyperX’s Savage EXO. We handled one of these in HyperX’s suite and we were surprised on how light and professional this drive looked. It is equipped with 3D nano technology in addition to having 480 GB or 960 GB sizes available. A really innovative application of the EXO consists of installing all a consumers console games to accomplish two tasks. Task one is having a portable drive that is faster than that of the actual Xbox and task two makes your games portable just in case your friends are having a game night. Look for this in early Q2. Another impressive display of gaming products leaves us walking out the suite door with big smiles on our faces.

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