Taking a CES Break With AKRACING – CES 2018 Update

Our feet were getting sore from walking around the Convention center when suddenly, like a ray of sunlight, AKRACING appeared to save the day. This gaming chair and gaming desk company is brand new to the North American market but is far from new in terms of the world. Since 2000 they have been supplying their high quality product to the Asian market and we get a chance to touch base with them about their products.Well start at the top of the food chain here. AKRACING’s Master Series Pro is all any gaming enthusiast is looking for in a gaming chair. On this beast of a chair we get an all PU leather exterior with an 100 percent all memory foam interior. Arm rests can really improve a gamer’s performance by creating a fatigue-less area to rest your trigger pullers. AKRACING added 4D adjustments so you really are resting while you frag. An aluminum base, 180 degree recline and perforated leather are also among the impressive features.  Look for this chair on the market in the next few weeks for a price of $599 USD.Moving onto the more business side of things we have the AKRACING ONYX. This chair has the only real leather option in their lineup and that has a very real effect on the price. What else do you get in this $629 dollar chair you ask. Basically everything you have seen previously with a small difference of color and neck pillow. They really perfect the mix of professionalism with great features here and we cant wait to see this chair in our reviews!As an avid gamer myself, sometimes you are not sitting on oodles of cash. The Core Series EX bridges the gap between affordability and functionality. This chair comes in five color combos and changes it up in regards to the material used. We see a fabric exterior here made specifically to accommodate those looking to improve their game on a smaller budget. $329 USD makes this chair a must purchase. We are very thankful for the great meeting with these folks and the chairs to rest our legs. CES is very quickly running out of time but we still have much to show.

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