Thermaltake Hits the $1000 Level 20 Bulseye – CES 2018 Update

We found ourselves swimming upstream today in the river of CES attendees in the Venetian, Thermaltake being our end goal here. On first glance we are slightly blinded by the amount of beautiful RGB lighting coming from the showroom. As is customary, we hunted the shiniest, newest and biggest display in the entire room. Thermaltake’s new Level 20 reaches new price heights sitting at a whopping price of one thousand US dollars. You may be asking yourself, what is so special about this chassis? Sticking to the new style of keeping components separate will lower temperatures as well as allow liquid cooling solutions the maximum amount customization. Each of these three compartments are visible through slightly smoked 4mm tempered glass side panels. This chassis has so much potential for those in the higher end of the PC market and we cant wait to see some awesome builds in the near future. Continuing on to the thermal solution releases of 2018, we see some small changes to the already great existing products. First on the menu is the change to Thermaltakes radiator with the CL 360/420/480mm radiator. Instead of having an aluminum base, these three rads have moved on to a copper makeup instead of aluminum to match existing products. Second is the prototype water block designed specifically to cover the CPU as well as the north bridge on most motherboards. This has the potential to be extremely beneficial as the north bridge is often forgotten about when it comes to heat dissipation. Back to the chassis side of things we see another new option for the already blossoming View 71 TG. The all white Snow Edition gives off an impressively clean feel in unison with being very customizable in regards to liquid cooling and component placement. As you can see it also gives the consumer the option of a vertically mounted GPU. The snow edition also comes pre-installed with 2 140mm Riing led fans just in case you are needing more stock airflow. Second day here at CES is complete and were thinking to ourselves, how can we be any more impressed with 2018’s lineup? Tune in tomorrow to see what else CES and us at TechnologyX have in store.

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