Corsair Displays Absolutely Stunning Concept Curve, Slate & Bulldog GTA Cases – Computex 2017 Update

Our visit to Corsair this week left us, as well as many others, caught a bit off guard.  On display, they had a few systems that are only concept at this point, but rest assured their purchase will be emptying many a wallet by years end.  First… the Corsair Concept Curve:

Probably the most obvious feature in this chassis is that its exterior is constructed of carbon fiber, much as we see in many finer car components these days.  The Curve is a premium upgrade of one of our favorite chassis, the Graphite 780T, switching off the front mesh for a curve glass window to match that on the side.

Next up, we get a look at the Corsair Concept Slate.  To say the Slate is a big order might fit when we consider that this chassis can house two complete systems, fully equipped with massive liquid coolers.

The slate is a builders dream with ample room to accomplish any build one might dream up and its smoke glass windows make the slate one of the best chassis’ we have seen from Corsair yet.  Lastly…. the Corsair Bulldog GTO:

As a car enthusiast, this has to be one of the best cases I have seen to date.  All three systems also contain Corsairs newest Sync It, a new package that allows users to unify their DIY, motherboard, RAM, CPU, mouse, keyboard and any other RGB peripheral that one might dream up.  Since Corsair started this car enthusiast PC showcase, allow me to close things off with my favorite toy, also loaded with carbon fiber upgrades, an amazing Daytona Orange and 700 horses under the hood.  This toy is not a garage queen as we have driven her around the US and Canada twice in two years..



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