Zotac Displays Newest MEK Mini-ITX Gaming PC With HUGE GPU – Computex 2017 Update

The one thing that Zotac has really made a name for themselves for is small PC’s.  For years their design has been to reduce the footprint of the PC, their smallest complete PC being not much larger than a notebook hard drive…err… SSD.  The Zotac MEK is no different; Zotac trying to claim the marketplace for high performance gaming PCs in a small package.

Would you believe this mini-ITX PC contains a GeForce 1080 Ti GPU?   Zotac has created their own design for this GPU, its length only being 8.3″, it fully contaned within the MEK, along with an Intel 7th Gen i7-7700 CPU, dual DDR4 memory slots, an NVMe based SSD, low profile CPU cooler, as well as a 450W PSU…. all that inside a very small MEK chassis design. 

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