Luxa2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker Review – A Speaker & Wireless Charging Station!

The GroovyW features a built in speakerphone, which allows you to accept incoming calls and answer them, hands free, through the speaker! Our tests indicated that the speakerphone performs exactly how it should, but callers on the other end experienced a little bit of a disconnect when we were positioned further away from the device.

One awesome feature of the GroovyW is the option to charge other devices using the charging station! The USB output on the charging pad lets you hook up pretty much any portable electronic device to charge. The GroovyW features a 2,200mAh, 3.7V Li-ion battery, and the Wireless Charging Station features 4,000mAh, 3.7V Li-polymer battery. Additionally you can use the wireless charging feature to give battery to any qi compatible device. This is a great idea as we can think of numerous occasions when the speaker’s battery life outperforms whatever it’s playing music from. Of course, on top of all this, the charging pad easily recharges the speaker itself, giving you a lot of different options on how you use the extra battery that the charging station grants you. To charge up from 0-100% the GroovyW would take 4.5 hours and the Wireless Charging Station would take 5.5 hours.

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Lastly, the Luxa2 GroovyW is compatible with the Luxa2 Groovy App, which is currently available on the Google Play store. The app allows you to adjust the equalizer for the GroovyW, control your music playlist, grants you access to a “global radio”, facilitates pairing of bluetooth devices, and also keeps you up to date with Luxa2 news.

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So how did the GroovyW do? Well in short, way better than I expected, with some quirks. The pairing was pretty quick, at most five seconds to actually connect properly, and after that it would automatically detect and connect to our test iPhone whenever it was powered on. Finally, we started playing some tunes, going through a wide range of genres, testing the capabilities of the speaker. Honestly, we were quite surprised with what this little bluetooth speaker was capable of pulling off! The sound quality was pleasantly surprising, especially considering bluetooth speakers generally aren’t considered to be viable for true audiophiles. The speaker is capable of pumping audio out at 7 Watts.

When it comes to performance, we found that the bass was a tad low, but the mid-range to  treble sounded pretty good right off the bat, and the vocals were pretty crisp and clear. Overall, this speaker was surprisingly good, and we really enjoyed listening to music through it. We did find that there is a noticeable directionality in terms of the sound projection. Despite the mesh going all the way around, the speakers are only in the front, so the listener at the backside of the speaker gets a different experience.

One aspect of the Luxa2 GroovyW that we really liked was its battery life. Without the charge pad, the speaker has an advertised 15 hours of battery life, and then with the charging station it has a total of 30! Through our testing we can say that the GroovyW has impressive battery life. One thing that we did notice was that when the charging station detaches from the speakers, it’ll completely shut off the speakers if the station was transmitting power to it. You then have to turn the speakers back on, pair, and finally start playing music.



The bottom line is that the Luxa2 GroovyW is a great speaker if you’re looking for something that doesn’t sacrifice quality for portability. Additionally, it has a plethora of other features and really seems to be pushing the boundaries for portable bluetooth speakers. Anything that uses newer technology instead of just pigeonholing itself to utilize the old “tried and true” methods is truly an innovation in our books, especially if it means more devices that can take advantage of all the features it has.

It’s a visually appealing product that backs up its looks with good sound quality and a great battery life. You can get the Luxa2 GroovyW for $119.99 from the Thermaltake store, and on Amazon it is as low as $105. There are plenty of portable speakers of equal or greater price that fail in categories in which the GroovyW excels. If you want a speaker that has great audio quality for its size, a plethora of features, and a sleek design, then the GroovyW should be part of your electronic arsenal.

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One of the popular devices found within the iDevice section of CES 2015 this year was bluetooth speakers. Unfortunately, bluetooth speakers have gotten a bad-rap for being exactly what you pay for. Turns out, the only way for a company to truly flourish in this busy and competitive market is to revolutionize it: a high quality product with a low price tag. Well, that is exactly what Luxa2 has done with the Luxa2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker. Not only has the Thermaltake division created a quality bluetooth speaker, but has done so with class by introducing an inconspicuous wireless charging station…

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The Luxa2 GroovyW is one heck of a bluetooth speaker! Not only does it supply high quality sound, but it stirs up the market with qi wireless charging capability. Well done Thermaltake and Luxa2!

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