Samsung’s Aggressive Picture Post Processing Destroys What Could be Good Smartphone Cameras

Let me just say it.  If you are looking for a new Samsung smartphone for any type of photography, move along.  Keep looking.  Samsung smartphones have a consistent reputation for their abysmal camera qualities and the reputation is well earned. The unfortunate part of this is that most, as I, learn this much too late or pray Samsung has fixed something that should have been corrected some time ago. Here it is front and center.  Having moved to a S22 Ultra from my much loved Huawei Mate 20x 5G and having moved my wife from her much loved Apple to a Samsung Flip 3, I see the EXACT same garbage from both Samsung phones.  Yes… I know… who looks dumb now right?

This picture was taken this morning and I thought it would be an AMAZING shot… Wouldn’t you agree?  Well let’s just look a little closer now and see exactly what Samsung post-processing has been up to.  In fact, please click on the picture so we can be sure we are all seeing the same thing.

This is the result of all too common overly aggressive post-processing within the camera and most would agree that this should never be found in a $1700 camera that boasts of a 108MP three camera system.  Let’s try another picture…

This shot was taken this afternoon, in sunlight with me sitting not 10 feet away from the birds.  Click to enlarge and look at that angle tree branch on the right side in front of the turkeys face. There is absolutely no processing by myself after the fact.  My phone has the latest firmware. Does it not look like a cartoon to you?   I can guarantee I wasn’t shaking in any way and the lens was clear.  The cameras photo optimizing feature was turned off and I am totally stunned at the end result.  Well…not really as I am now used to it with this S22 Ultra.  Click on the duck shot.  Look closely.  I don’t see this from any other camera.  In fact, the female mallards face looks blurred right out.

But let me back up just a bit… Bit about myself.  I am an amateur camera enthusiast who takes thousands of pictures monthly. I am proud to say countless people have asked for my work to hang on their walls…and I oblige.  My main rig is a Canon EOS R5 with a long list of R lenses to include the 100-500L but I can’t be carrying that camera around everywhere so a great many of my shots are taken on my smartphone…or at least they used to be.  Ok so…this is my favorite.  I call it the wood woodpecker as it looks like a carving.

End of rant. I feel like I own a $1700 brick.  I am willing to take it from the Samsung fan boys and even invite Samsung to reply.  I will post the response.  If I am missing something here, let me know.  I will correct it, come back and apologies sincerely.  I don’t think so though as I see same from others on the internet…and even on Samsung’s own forums.  Lots of frustration and no answers.  The phone is great for someone who looks at all of their photos on a phone screen, not so much if one ever wants to crop or look at the shot on a bigger monitor however.

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  1. Yeah, I have noticed that with my Samsung S21. My LG G6 had a better camera. But then, I am not even close to the photographer you are. SO I blamed it one me.

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