Genius Introduces DVR-FHD590 Vehicle Recorder

Genius has released its DVR-FHD590 Full HD Vehicle Recorder. This dash camera records crisp and clear Full HD (1920×1080) video that helps drivers protect themselves with reliable evidence in the case of an unforeseen accident. An wide-angle lens, high power LED for night capture, and HDR technology ensures excellent video quality when you need it most.

Genius DVR-FHD590 Vehicle Recorder

Stress-Free Operation
Operation is stress-free. Just turn on your car and go. The DVR-FHD590 starts recording automatically. In the case of an accident, the G-sensor in the DVR-FHD590 triggers the device automatically to keep a record of the event which cannot be overwritten unless you specifically delete it.

128° Wide-Angle Lens
Featuring a 128 degree wide angle lens with no distortion, the DVR-FHD590 captures the entire situation without being limited to a small area in front of the vehicle.

Genius DVR-FHD590 Vehicle Recorder Genius DVR-FHD590 Vehicle Recorder

High Dynamic Range (HDR) & High Power LED
The DVR-FHD590 works great during bright sunny days and very dark nights. With HDR capture, even in situations with high contrast, videos will remain crisp and clear. At night, the high power LED at the front of the device assists in providing clear and detailed video recording.

Easy of Use
The recording can be viewed in real-time or in playback mode on the 2.4” LCD screen. The LCD screen rotates 270° so that drivers can view videos from almost every angle.

Additionally, the Genius DVR-FHD590 is easily mounted to the front windshield using the adjustable mounting unit included.

Genius DVR-FHD590 Vehicle Recorder Genius DVR-FHD590 Vehicle Recorder

Battery and Storage
SD and SDHC cards up to 32GB in capacity are supported allows hours of footage to be recorded and with the HDMI interface this footage can be viewed easily in high definition from your computer or your television.

The 600 mAh Li-ion battery means the DVR-FHD590 can record a long time without needing a recharge. However, when it does run out of power this vehicle recorder can be easily plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car using the included power adapter. The DVR-FHD590 also comes with a USB cable for transferring data to your computer or charging at home.

The DVR-FHD590 is now available in the United States and Canada for the suggested retail price of $149.99.

Genius DVR-FHD590 Vehicle Recorder

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