Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth HD Headset Review


Presence has a very slim and sleek design, contrasting the black exterior with the stainless steel power switch. It has a very low profile design, which makes it look more natural when wearing.

Charging the Presence headset is similar to that of other Bluetooth headsets, with the micro-USB port on the backside of the unit. Just above the unit is the LED indicator, which simply has two colors, red and blue.


Presence includes an ear-hook that can be removed and installed in the opposite orientation that allows you to position the headset on either ear. It fits very comfortably on either ear, and you almost forget that you are wearing it, as the unit only weighs 13 grams.

The easy-to-use interface of Presence was exactly that, easy to use. The unit turns off and on by simply sliding the stainless microphone piece in and out. When turning on for the first time, Presence automatically begins in pairing mode, which makes set-up very easy.  To pair Presence to another device, it is a simple as holding the multi-function button for four seconds until the LED begins flashing blue and red alternatively.

We tested the headset by making a series of telephone calls. First from a smartphone to a landline, and then from a smartphone to smartphone, and each time the sound quality was crisp and clear. The Bluetooth audio features were also tested, and again the music was clear with no background noises. Going one step further, we tested the Speak Focus technology by turning up a radio within one room and continued to talk during a telephone call. Presence performed astonishingly, as the radio could hardly be heard on the other end of the call.

A quick check on the price of the Sennheiser Presence on Amazon showed us that the headset is going for $141, somewhat higher than that of other comparable Bluetooth headsets. It is important to keep in mind that the Presence comes fully loaded with features and quality, which is often hard to find in those other headsets.


The Presence headset is easy-to-use, comfortable, and produces high quality audio throughout the entire workday. Sennheiser has definitely out done themselves with Presence, as this is a fantastic product for anyone looking for a Bluetooth headset. wE also commend Sennheiser immensely for their stance on protecting their user’s hearing while wearing the Presence headset, this truly demonstrates how Sennheiser is completely committed to customer satisfaction. To learn more, please visit Sennheiser’s website

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Editors Choice-TechX copy Opt

Earlier this year Sennheiser released Presence, a Bluetooth headset geared towards business professional’s on-the-go, and Technology X got the opportunity of taking one for a test drive. For those of you who are not familiar with Sennheiser, they are a German based company that has been producing audio electronics for the past 70 years. Their focus ranges from aviation headsets to consumer earphones, and Sennheiser's products have even gone as far as winning the Philo. T. Farnsworth award for “significantly impacting television technology and engineering”. PACKAGE CONTENTS AND SPECS In the box, Presence comes with an ear-hook, four ear sleeves,…

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The Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth Headset has a very clear HD sound, full range of features, is easy to use with a price tag expected of such quality.

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  1. what is the module number for this head set?

  2. What is the functional difference between Presence UC, UC/ML, and Basic???

    • Presence UC is for consumer use and the UC/ML is more for professional use. Meaning that professional one has usb dongle which allows you take phone calls on your computer, the office phone, outdoor, and etc. The UC does not come with all of the advance features.

  3. 30 minutes aftwe receiving this headset I realized that out of Plantronics, blueant, jawbone and jabra, this is the worst. The ear cap wouldn’t stay on, the volume was too low and it kept disconnecting from the phone. Simply useless.

    • Interesting answer Adam, I have not had that experience with my Sennheiser UC/ML. Its works great. I perfer it over the Jabra Jawbone and the Blue Ant. I found it to be on par with the Plantronics Voyager that I have but that my personal opinion.

  4. I have found that the Presence does not provide a very good connection with my Note 5. I can have the phone two feet away from my ear and the other party tells me that the connection is breaking up. Everything is fine with the call when I disconnect the Presence. I have tried resetting the phone and the headset. It does not help. They don’t appear to be too compatible. I was hoping for an update that would fix this but one has not been issued so far. 🙁

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