Burg Wearables Shows Off The Burg 27 Smartwatch – CES 2015 Update

One of our stops during CES 2015 was with Burg Wearables, a smart watch company that is quickly making a name for themselves. While we attended their booth at CES, we were astonished to find one of the better looking and functioning smart watches to date, plus we even got to check out a child/senior-friendly version that promotes an exceptional concept.



The Burg 27 is one of the most gorgeous smart watches we have seen to date. This luxuriously looking piece of technology features a 1.22″ dimmable screen, which allows you to see your clock face even when the watch isn’t in use. What’s the benefit of this? … Longer battery life!

Burg 27

On the inside the Burg 27 features 8GB of RAM, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G capabilities for use as a mobile phone, text messaging, GPS and mobile browser. It also features built-in flash storage with a capacity of 4GB, which can be upgraded to 16GB by changing the microSD card. The watch is running Android Wear 4.4, and it comes equipped with apps like Twitter, Facebook and Weather. For the fitness enthusiasts, it also tracks caloric expenditure, your sport schedule and your sleeping. The best part of this watch all together is that it looks like your average high-quality watch, but with so much more! This watch is available in gold and silver.


When it comes to a feeling of security, the Burg 31 smartwatch is a great option for kids or for seniors. This watch is no less smart than the Burg 27, but is more simplistic with an impeccable design.

Burg 31

This smart watch features your normal watch face, but comes equipped with 3G capability. You simply add-in your sim card and the watch is able to make calls, but only to three pre-programmed telephone numbers. You could set Mom and Dad to one and two, then set the third to 911. In addition to this, the watch monitors the location of the wearer. Perfect for parents who are worried about their children’s location and well-being. This watch is available in five colors for boys and five colors for girls.

Burg 31 Colors_clipped_rev_2

Burg Wearables showed us that they are seriously competing in the extremely populated smartwatch market, and their Burg 27 and 31 are sure not to disappoint! For more information on Burg Wearables we encourage you to check out their site here!

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