Playboy Bunnies and Referees Greet Technology X For Their First CES Appearance

To say that our first appearance at CES was a bit overwhelming would be an understatement.  Most don’t imagine the behind the scenes work with days that start at 5 am only to finish at 3 or 4am the next morning.  A tyical day would include several meetings at different Vegas venues, trying to hit the show floor and then mandatory attendance at any number of evening functions.

Technology X prevailed though and we thought we might throw in a few piks of the events, location and even the scenery to give you a bit of a look at some of the ‘behind the scenes’ must attend activities, some of these activities being found at the top of Mandalay Bay THEHotel, Palms Fantasy Suites Two Story Villa and, of course, the Palms Hardwood Suite.  Click on any shot for a high res version and enjoy!

SteelSeries Party

SteelSeries Party 2


Party Welcome

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