Corsair Shows Off Chassis, CPU Coolers & the Bulldog – CES 2016 Update

Today, we stopped by the Corsair suite to see what they have to offer here at CES 2016. On display was new chassis’ focused on bringing you serenity, their Bulldog gaming rig for your living room and a refreshing look and feel to their CPU cooling line up.

Corsair CES 2016 9

To start, we were introduced to the Spec-Alpha chassis. This sharp looking chassis comes in the two colours seen above, red and white as well as black and silver. It is a mid-tower chassis that comes with three LED-equipped 120m fans controlled by a three-speed controller on the case’s exterior. You can expect to see the Spec-Alpha in stores in March for around $80.

Corsair CES 2016 8

Corsair demonstrated the 400C and 400Q, with ‘C’ model focused on being ‘Clear’ and the ‘Q’ model focused on being ‘Quiet’. The clear version of their mid tower chassis has a clear side panel to show off your gaming hardware. The quiet version features sound and noise suppression, to keep your gaming rig quiet.

Corsair CES 2016 7

Accompanying the 400 chassis series, the 600 series also featured the ‘C’ and ‘Q’ versions. Corsair’s 600C features an inverted ATX design, whereby your motherboard is installed on the opposite side of the chassis rather than it would normally would. This is a simple concept that lets you have your gaming rig stand on the opposite side.

Corsair CES 2016 6

The primary CPU cooler in focus was the H5 SF. It is a very small form factor that lets you exhaust through chassis vent holes that previously go unused. Corsair had a custom chassis cube to show how small of a environment that this cooler can function in.

Corsair CES 2016 4

Corsair also refreshed the modelling for their other CPU coolers, it’s the same product with an easier to understand packaging.

Corsair CES 2016 5

Continuing with small form factor trend, also on display was Corsair’s SF450 and SF600 power supply.

Corsair CES 2016 3

Their SF series features 80+ Gold efficiency, are fully modular, have all Japanese capacitors and zero RPM mode for low fan noise.

Corsair CES 2016 2

Last up on display was the Bulldog. This tackles the living room to bring you 4K gaming performance. This is both a DIY barebones kit, and soon to be released full kit for upgrading your living room.

Corsair CES 2016 1

Stay tuned for more coverage of CES 2016 here at Technology X!

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