In Win Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Amazing Special Edition Chassis Designs – CES 2016 Update

Our first CES meeting on Thursday was with Taiwanese Company In Win Development, a leading designer of some of the most innovative PC chassis on the market.  In Win is celebrating their 30th anniversary, and had on display several limited-edition chassis, as well as new offerings in power supplies and power banks.

InWin H Frame chassisFor those of us who get into PC chassis design, what In Win had on display was very high in “drool factor”. Our favorites at the In Win booth started off with a limited-edition orange and black H-Frame.  As you can see in the above image the attention to detail extends right down to the use of gold-toned knurled nuts for retaining the tempered glass left side panel.  Below are the specs for this beauty.

In Win H-Frame specsFor those who prefer their PC chassis to be beautiful and functional without being flamboyant, the 908 is a solid option.  The 908 features an all-black brushed aluminum finish one-piece front/top/back shell that is very sleek in appearance.  The 908 also features a full-size tempered glass left side panel.

InWin 908 chassisNext up is the transformer-like H-Tower.  This chassis is motorized to open up in a manner sort of like turning itself inside-out. This places the motherboard tray (and other components) at a much-improved access angle for component installation, cleaning and tweaking.

InWin H Tower 1Above and below are two perspectives of this innovative design.

InWin H Tower 2Our favorite chassis at the In Win booth was the limited-edition 805.  This stunning design features and all-tempered-glass front panel with mirroring and RGB LED lighting around the entire perimeter.  In partnership with ASUS for the RGB control software, the display unit was set to slowly cycle through the entire RGB color spectrum as you stand and watch.

InWin 605 chassisThe mirroring creates an “infinity” effect that has to be seen to believed.  One In Win staff member described it as looking into a color-framed black hole.  Below are the specs for this beauty of a PC chassis.

InWin 605 specIn Win has also returned to producing its own power supplies, as witnessed by the fully modular gold and black Signature Series 1065-watt model with a 5-year warranty.

InWin 1065w power supplyIn Win has also created the Classic Series of power supplies, with both 750-watt and 900-watt models being offered.  These also are fully  modular with all-black cables, and are being offered at very competitive price points.

InWin Classic series power supplieFinally, In Win had on display several styles of their new power bank.  Our favourite was the purple model.  These units are thin, lightweight, and pack lots of power in reserve for multiple rechargings of your phone or other device from a single charging of the power bank.

InWin power banksWe would like to extend a big Technology X hat tip to Katelyn Huinker of In Win for the one-on-one meeting and guided tour of In Win’s booth. This was definitely one our favorite booths at CES 2016.

Stay tuned for further CES 2016 developments as we explore the last day of the show.

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