Life N Soul Displays New Headsets – CES 2016 Update

We made our way through the Las Vegas Convention Centre Halls where we met with Life N Soul, a headphone and speaker manufacturer who was displaying their latest bluetooth headsets.

Life N Soul CES 2016 1

First up was the BN302, these noise-reducing bluetooth headphones come in fantastic bright colors and feature bluetooth technology. You can simultaneously pair two devices to the headset allowing for calls to be taken from either. These headsets are foldable and the ear cups can be swivelled for optimum comfort.

Life N Soul CES 2016 2

Alos on display was the B120, a sporty design featuring a ring collar and ear buds that magnetically pair back up to the base. This headset also features bluetooth technology and can be paired with two devices at the same time.

Life N Soul CES 2016 3

A quick trial of both of these headsets prove that they provide excellent sound quality, especially within the loud convention centre halls. Life N Should typically provides pricing at the entry-level, but we felt the quality was nearing the mid-range at times throughout our experimentation.

Stay tuned for more coverage of CES 2016!

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