Samsung Press Conference – CES 2016 Update

Tuesday afternoon found us at the annual Samsung CES press conference. This is one of the most anticipated and well-attended events at CES, with standing room only and dozens turned away.  The national and international media coverage is nothing less than amazing.  Let’s get right to the latest and greatest Samsung technology being announced today.

Samsung press conference stageAs the press conference got underway, Tim Baxter, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics America took the stage.  He immediately emphasized that Samsung is focused on “innovation that matters.”

Samsung press conference Tim Baxter on stageTim shared that Samsung’s three key strategies for 2016 are:

  1.  I.O.T. (Internet of Things), and that Samsung is heavily promoting an open IOT ecosystem.
  2. Solving consumer pain points – the best innovations are those that actually make tasks easier to accomplish and products easier to use.
  3. Mobile – mobile devices are being used for more and more tasks in our everyday lives; even for paying for what we purchase via apps such as Samsung Pay.

The Samsung Galaxy ecosystem continues to grow and be enhanced with additional devices and apps.

Samsung press conference Galaxy EcosystemNow let’s take a look at what Samsung is announcing, and what they have under ongoing development:

Samsung has been the number one TV manufacturer globally for the last 10 years, and this level of domination only gets stronger.  Samsung is announcing a line of SUHD TVs with unequalled picture quality, Quantum dot display, and the world’s first bezel-less curved design that is stunning from every viewing angle.  Samsung is offering models from 49″ to 88″, all with color reproduction of up to 1 billion colors.

2016-SUHD-TV_MainNext up were Samsung’s latest home appliances. Their latest front-loading washing machine has an “add wash” feature that lets you add additional items to a load already underway through a smaller inset door in the main door.

Samsung press conference laundry pairSamsung’s latest refrigerator features a connected “family hub” with a 21.5″ full HD LCD screen incorporated into the main door. Pictures, memos, calendars shopping lists and more can all be displayed and controlled right on the screen.

Samsung press conference refrigeratorThe Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset has really taken off, and VR is quickly becoming more and more of a reality.

Samsung press conference Gear VRThe Samsung Gear S2 Classic line of smartwatches  has been expanded to include premium and specially-themed models, including these platinum and rolled gold versions.

Samsung press conference Gear S2 classicSamsung continues to be one of, if not the strongest consumer electronics brand on earth, and their commitment to being the best and  most innovative was definitely on display at today’s press conference. You can view Samsung press release that coincides with today’s press conference here.

Samsung press conference media presence

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