Beautiful Women of Computex 2013

TechX Featured2Computex simply wouldn’t be Computex if we didn’t keep track of just a bit of the beauty within.

Between our site, and those posted on our sister site at The SSD Review entitled ‘Gorgeous Women of Computex 2013‘, we have a collection of over 100 photographs and videos of some of the most beautiful women at the event. Here’s looking at another great time in beautiful Taipei, Taiwan!

[nggallery id=1]

Now on to the rest at The SSD Review!! (link)



  1. I implore the staff of technologyx to NOT POST any more beautiful women pictures articles and especially not post pictures in your daily emails. I appreciate beauty in women but these kinds of photos and articles are obviously not posted merely for the appreciation of beauty but rather to elicit male response and increase site traffic.

    • Thank you Carl and we couldn’t disagree more. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and these pictures were meant to reflect on just that, along with letting the reader in on the atmosphere of these events. Each picture was taken with the permission of the subject by our female staff and each subject was given a card where they can ask the photos be removed if they so chose. The true fact is most ask for copies of the high res shots, regardless of events.

      With respect to traffic…absolutely this is a means of increasing such. In as much as our traffic will increase significantly and then decrease a few days later, there is very visible residual traffic that remains which tells us that we have been successful in introducing our site to people who had no knowledge of us prior. Our stats verify that they return for all articles and not just the original reason for the visit.

      We have noted your views and will consider when deciding on future similar articles.

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