A4Tech Bloody Shows Off Infrared-Switch – Computex 2015 Update

As we continue our adventures through Computex 2015, we were swept into the A4Tech Bloody booth and were provided a demonstration of their new infrared-switch for both their keyboards and mice.


Named the ‘LK’ for Light Strike, the infrared sensor found within the mechanical-like switches enable a faster response time, from the point in which you click that mouse button to the signal registering in your computer.

A4Tech Bloody

There was a demonstration which compares the new A4Tech infrared switches to its fellow competitors, which included Cherry and Razer. In this case, A4Tech had a 8.9 to 28.9 ms faster response time for their keyboard key strokes and about a 15.5 ms faster response time for their mouse clicks. This is while using their KeyResponse PK software, which is a free program that allows you to compare your current keyboard or mouse with theirs.

Mouse LK Keyboard LK

The big question, which we hope to examine in much closer detail in the future, is how important and how noticeable are these speed increases when it comes to real game scenarios. We encourage you to stay tuned as we will be working with A4Tech in the near future.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Computex 2015 here with Technology X!

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