In Win Unveils Transforming H Tower Chassis – Computex 2015 Update

Well, after the first couple of days here at Computex we have finally seen the most interesting and exciting product, the H Tower PC Chassis. Of course, In Win also displayed a few upgrades to their previous product lines. In Win has always proven to be an exciting manufacturer and one to keep things interesting in the PC Chassis market.


The H Tower was definitely the most eye-catching piece of hardware on display. To start, this bluetooth enabled chassis is capable of, for lack of a better term, transforming in order to quickly and swiftly change hardware.

The H Tower was on display with a brushed aluminium exterior, where they also teamed up with ASUS ROG to create a black/red version of this amazing chassis.

ASUS ROG H Tower 1

To open up the chassis, one can use their smartphone or buttons available near the front I/O panel. Speaking of which, and definitely one of the trends here at Computex, the H Tower is also equipped with the new USB 3.1 Type C connector on the front I/O panel. While these are still in the late prototype phases, pricing and availability are yet to be discussed. However, we should probably expect to see the H Tower exceed the $1000 MSRP mark.

H Tower Front IO Panel

You will find on the top of a chassis a rather large “Stop” button, almost like what you would see on a treadmill, and similar in concept as well. As you can imagine, in order to keep you safe, should you need to quickly stop the closing of this chassis, you can hit this button to return back to safety.


Also on display was the 909 Chassis, which is a successor to the 904 and 901 Chassis. The 909 can support ATX and E-ATX motherboards and features the same brushed aluminium and tempered glass skeleton as previous models.


Continuing with this years trend, the 909 is equipped for USB 3.1 Type C connections on the front I/O panel.

909 Front io panel

A more entry level chassis was also introduced, the 805 Gaming Chassis. Also features a see-through aluminium and tempered glass skeleton, this chassis is truly eye-catching and defying the claim that it is more “entry level”. The honeycomb shaped front panel allows for back lighting to illuminate through, a gorgeous touch!


Stay tuned for more coverage of Computex 2015 here with Technology X!

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  1. I really thought that the InWin Transformer H was a Custom Mod.. Great idea.. Love the new smart cases.

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