Noctua Demonstrates Active Noise Cancellation – Computex 2015 Update

One of our stops here at Computex was with Noctua, where they shared some of their new prototypes and products with us.


They updated us on their progress with their Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) project, which is working its way towards mass production. This product is a 120mm fan with magnetic technologies that allow the fan itself to emit an anti-noise signal. They have recently switched to a new microprocessor in order to create a fully integrated controller design and verified the precision of magnet and modular placement.

ANC Noctua

The design concept is quite simple. Noctua is not aiming to produce a 100% quiet fan, that is just not possible. Rather they are trying to reduce the higher noise peaks in order to create an extremely low noise fan.


Noctua also introduced the next generation 120mm A-series fan succeeding the award-winning NF-P12. This fan has been designed with ultra-thin 0.5mm tip clearance to improve efficiency against back pressure. As seen in the chart below you, the A-series fan falls between the NF-S12A and the NF-F12 in terms of static pressure and airflow, however provides greater performance in the mid range. This proves to be more suitable for water cooling radiators and air cooling heatsinks.

PQ Comparison Noctua

As an addition to the 120mm fan Noctua has an anti-vibration frame. An easy addition to reduce vibration transmitted to the radiators and is great to use on fans on water cooling radiators. This frame simply seals off the gap between the fan and the radiator to improve performance.

120mm spacer

Noctua had many prototypes on display, which is exciting to see. This included a 140 and 200 mm A-Series fans, and a slim 120 mm A-series fan. We are looking forward to the year to come with Noctua and expect to see some exciting products later this year. The 200 mm is vastly different from your typical 200 mm case fan that is included with most chassis. Don’t believe us? If you ever have the opportunity to handle one in person, jsut pick up the 200 mm and you will see what we mean. This fan is no light weight contender, and sure to provide ample cooling performance.

200mm Fan

Stay tuned for mor coverage from Computex 2015 here at Technology X.

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