Phanteks Shows Off Enthoo Evolv ATX & PRO M – Computex 2015 Update

One of stops at Computex was at the Phanteks suite, where we witnessed their Enthoo chassis display, including the Evolv ITX and Evolv ATX and the new Enthoo Pro M. You may recall our previous in-depth look at the Enthoo Evolv ITX here, and pictured below:


As you can see when comparing the pictures above and below, Phanteks has listened to user’s response and moved the I/O panel from the side of the chassis to the top of the front. An excellent move on their part!

Enthoo Evolv ITX White Volv ITX Special Edition

The Enthoo Evolv ATX is a gorgeous chassis to start. It features 3mm aluminium that provides it with it’s gorgeous exoskeleton. Also to be noted, the front I/O controls have been moved to the top of the front of the chassis, much more accessible to the end user them its previous placement. The drive bags are completely modular, allowing you to mount as many drives as you wish in any configuration you would like. The Evolv ATX will feature a cool $179 price tag, which we believe is fairly competitive with other aluminum chassis’. It will be available in two colors: Satin Black and Anthracite Gray.

Building upon the Enthoo Evolv ATX, the Pro M is geared towards a more entry level market. To say it best, it is the Evolv ATX, stripped of its aluminium exoskeleton, however still featuring the fully modular drive bay inside for maximum customization and airflow. As well, the Pro M features the removable mounting bay found at the top of the interior of the chassis, which allows you to mount fans or AIO coolers. We found this to be extremely accessible and an innovative design concept. Best of all, the Pro M will be rocking a $79 price point upon its availability. This could potentially make it one of the, if not the best PC chassis that money can buy. It is a premium case, in terms of features, and boasts a very competitive price point.

Enthoo Pro M Enthoo Pro M ODD

Lastly, we were introduced to a new development to the Enthoo Mini XL, which is the PSU Power Splitter. As exact as it sounds, the power splitter enables you to custom build two systems within the Enthoo Mini XL, without having to worry about your power supply powering one or the other at a particular time. It enables you to individually control the power to each system.

PSU Splitter

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