Giant Headsets And Great Sounds At Turtle Beach – CES 2014 Update

Our wandering through the consumer electronic show brought us to the Turtle Beach booth, who had an elaborate display which included two of their gaming headsets which each stood about fifteen feet tall.

Touring through their booth, we were introduced to Turtle Beach’s lines of, wired and wireless, amplified gaming headsets, as well as their iSeries line of mobile headsets geared towards Apple users.


First up was Turtle Beach’s line of PC gaming headsets. On showcase was their Z22, the amplified, wired PC gaming headset. Besides the exceptional sound quality, this headset is more geared towards the entry level gamer, and is also the official headset of Major League Gaming (MLG).

For those of you who wish to cut the cord, the Z300 Wireless amplified PC gaming headset is the next step up as it features a wireless USB dongle to allow for wireless use. This makes gaming a little more comfortable, as you do not need to worry about an annoying cord getting in the way.

A prime showcase at CES was the new DTS surround sound. DTS now delivers surround sound by using a 7.1 channel configuration. Turtle Beach’s new Z60 PC gaming headset features DTS’ new technology, which provides exceptional surround sound quality, and in general, a more realistic gaming experience.

Turtle Beach CES 2014 Z60


Taking a step to the lighter side, Turtle Beach was also showcasing their Marvel Earforce Seven headset. The Marvel headsets features interchangeable plates which fit on the outer sides of each ear cup, allowing for the listener to display their character of choice. The Marvel plate lineup will include your favourite heroes from the Marvel Movie Universe, as well as the Marvel Comic Universe.


An interesting product at the Turtle Beach booth was their line up of headphones for simple media playback, which is geared towards both mobile and desktop platforms. Both headsets feature high quality materials, which are easily visible when looking at the headset, and when holding the headset.

The Ear Force i30 Wireless Mobile Media Headset, focusing primarily on mobile devices was showcased with an iPad Mini. A quick listen demonstrated exceptional sound quality, and with Bluetooth technology, it allows for a wireless listening experience.

Beside the mobile media headset was the Ear Force i60 Wireless Desktop Media Headset. This headset was a little more intricate than the i30 as it features a convenient, and visually appeasing, remote for volume control.

Both the i30 and the i60 give you total control with an application that allows you to adjust audio presets, mic settings, and much more. The iOS application can be found here and the Mac OS X application can be found here.

It is clear that Turtle Beach is producing a diverse line of quality headsets, for multi-platform users, as well as for individual platforms and, of course, for Apple users. They have allowed users to customize their gaming experience in terms of audio quality, and headsets that have sheer good looks. For more information about Turtle Beach and the products they offer, we encourage you to check out their site here.

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