Intel Extreme Masters World Championships Reigns at ceBIT Germany 2013

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship TrophyIf ever you wondered which ‘hangar’ was ever the most popular at ceBIT Germany, year after year, search no more as that containing Intel’s Annual Extreme Masters World Gaming Championships is the all out winner.

In fact, I would never have imagined such crowds and so many gamers in one place, actually necessitating lines several hundred feet long outside Building 23, many just hoping to get a glimpse of their gaming idol.

For us here at Essentially Tech Media in fact, it leaves us with a tough decision as our Managing Editor Deepak Sharma ( a huge gaming enthusiast) should be here front and center.  The reality of the situation, of course, would be that Deepak would be caught up in the tourney, having to be fed while sitting playing any of the games he has mastered just as many others are…


As a non-gamer, I could never have imagined that food is actually brought to the gamers while playing, or even the lines that form for those hoping for a picture or autograph.   As amusing as it seems in fact, I still remember my becoming annoyed at those interrupting a game of pool I was having with Fatal1ty at the Brass Monkey in Taiwan a year or so back, just hoping to speak, shake his hand or get a quick autograph.  Is gaming still popular?  Check out these shots…

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 3

Here are a few more shots of the event for those hoping to make it some day… Enjoy!

Intel Extreme masters Race Car

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship League of Legends

Tomb Raider

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship World of Tanks

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