Nanotech Nuvola NP-1 – Storage Visions 2014 Update

Continuing with our coverage of Storage Visions 2014, Technology X got the opportunity to speak with David Foley, the Founder and Senior Technologist of Nanotech Entertainment. With the increased adoption of consumer 4K televisions, comes the new challenge of producing devices that can stream 4K content to your new TV. You can check out the Nanotech Nuvola NP-1 over at Nanotech’s website.

Nanotech Entertainment has done just that, developed the world’s first 4K UltraHD Media Player, the Nanotech Nuvola NP-1. The Nanotech Nuvola NP-1 runs on the Android 4.2 OS, and with the power of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Quad Core processor, and the accompanied by 2GB of RAM, the Nuvola easily stream’s 4K content to your new 4K TV.

The Nuvola features 802.11N WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and RJ-45 ethernet connectivity, as well as HDMI output that has the output capabilities of 4K UltraHD (3840X2160), HD (1920X1080) and SD (720X480). With Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, the Nuvola can have gamepad controllers, and keyboards connected, which add to the expandability and versatility of the Nanotech Nuvola NP-1.

The Nuvola comes with applications pre-installed, all of which are easily downloadable off of the Google Play Store, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Nanotech’s own video player. All of which add to the endless amount of possibilities that the Nanotech Nuvola NP-1, all of which displayed at 4K definition.

The Nanotech Nuvola NP-1 currently has a MSRP of $299, and will be available for purchase later on this year.

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