SanDisk Shows Off 64GB Connect Wireless Flash Drive – Storage Visions 2014 Update

Earlier this morning SanDisk released the new SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Flash Drive. The SanDisk Connect product lines allows consumers to send files and media via WiFI from their mobile device to the Wireless Flash Drive. This alleviates the amount of unnecessary storage that could be saved on your mobile device by storing it on the Wireless Flash Drive.

The Wireless Flash Drive can be connected to up to 8 devices, meanwhile having the capabilities of streaming video content to 3 devices without the need for internet. The Wireless Flash Drive is recharged by simply connecting to the USB interface, and is accompanied by a 4 hour battery life.

SanDisk also incorporates their SanDisk Memory Zone application which will make using the Wireless Flash Drive very easy. Once the application has been installed from the Google Play Store, you can simply browse through your files and media via the app on your Android Smartphone and view all of your pictures and videos via WiFi.

The 64GB SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive will be available for an MSRP of $99.99.

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