A Visit With Sennheiser During The 2014 Canadian Music Week Festival

Recently, Technology X visited Toronto, Canada during the 2014 music experience known as Canadian Music Week. In it’s 32nd year, Canadian Music Week is an extra-large music extravaganza where music  moguls, broadcasters and audio fans unite. This convention is to inform, educate and showcase music in general at Canada’s largest music festival. At this event, over 1000 artists will have performed at over 60 venues across Toronto, which is pretty spectacular for a five night event. We had the privilege of meeting with Sennheiser to take more of an in depth look at their product line.

Sennheiser CMW Featured

Our tour began as we were taken through a showcase of the Momentum and DJ lineup of headsets. Here we got to test out the ivory Momentum’s, as well as get a hands-on comparison between the HD6, HD7 and HD8 DJ headphones. The HD DJ series is designed specifically for DJ’s, as it has all the functionality and design capabilities to be able to help DJ’s mix music for hours on end.


Next, we were introduced to the professional product lines from Sennheiser, where we got to see everything from the highest quality of microphones, to USB powered conferencing solutions. When we speak of the high quality microphones, we are referring to those that are used by music professionals from around the world to ensure that they capture every important frequency that is required to make their sound perfect. Sennheiser’s microphones were used at the 2014 Juno awards, and are frequently used by music artist Adele.


One microphone that was particularly interesting is one that is used exclusively by CTV, a Canadian broadcasting channel, during events that take place in stadiums. The Esfera, or the SPM 8000 stereo microphone, allows for a single unit to capture 5.1 channel surround sound in a fan-filled stadium. The sound can also be captured and transmitted as an image, and later converted into 5.1.


We were also introduced to a piece we have not previously seen, Sennheiser’s new speakerphone solution for your office. The speakerphone is designed to integrate fluently with Microsoft Lync, and is designed to support personal and small group conferences. The Sennheiser Sp10 allows for connectivity via USB to a PC, while the SP20 allows for connection via USB as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack for mobile phones.


Overall, our visit was great as we got to catch up with our friends at Sennheiser, and got to experience some excellent music! Sennheiser also eluded to some new products that are currently being tested, but we will have to stay tuned to hear about what comes next!

Ivory momentum

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