Sennheiser Announces The DJ Series and Adds Colour To The Momentum Family – CES 2014 Update

Technology X got the opportunity to stop by the Sennheiser booth to check out what is new and exciting in the world of audio. This year Sennheiser released a new line of DJ studio headphones, as well as a new addition to the Momentum product line.

The first product in the DJ series is the HD6 Mix. The HD6 Mix is more geared towards audio technicians who are mixing a new track up in the studio. The headset features 150 ohm impedance  which will work with most professional recording equipment, and includes straight and coiled cables. An interesting feature, which applies to all of the new headphones in the DJ series, is that the cable can be plugged into the headset on either ear cup. The different cables and the option of placing the cable on either side of the headset are small details that are often overlooked and is great to see these added convenience features.

Next up are the HD7 headphones, a slightly different design than the HD6 mix. The HD7 headphones offer better sound quality, with 95 ohm impedance to work seamlessly with professional DJ equipment, but the HD7 also includes swivelling ear cups. The swivelling ear cups essentially allow for the listener to position the headphone sin any coordination they prefer, especially if they are a professional DJ and only wish to use one ear cup during a performance.

Finally, the HD8 headphones, which have the same technology as the HD7, but come with a more stylish look and feel.

The DJ series will be cost you $279, $329, or $399 respectively, and will be available later this year.

Sennheiser also brought out their new color addition to the Momentum family, ivory.  The Momentum series is more geared towards the average consumer who is looking for professional quality sound.

Shifting gears to earphones, Sennheiser released a set of Samsung Galaxy (S3, S4, Note 2) ear buds, which allow for the volume control capability often not seen while using other earphones with similar volume control functionalities.

Touring around Sennheiser’s CES booth brought us to look at their G4ME Series gaming headsets. Sennheiser showcased the G4ME ONE and the G4ME ZERO, both of which feature excellent sound quality for both through the microphone and ear cups.

The G4ME ONE has open slots on the side of the ear cups which allow for background noises and sounds to enter through the headset, while the G4ME ZERO has though same slots closed to provide complete noise cancellation.

Sennheiser showcased a prized item in their headphone collection, the Sennheiser Orpheus. 1 of the 7 reaming high quality Sennheiser headphones left in the world, the Orpheus provides sounds quality that is unbelievably clear and crisp. If you are looking to score yourself at set of the Sennheiser Orpheus headphones, be prepared to pay a hefty price as a recent look on eBay proves that these headphones go for upwards of $25,000.

Here at CES 2014, Sennheiser is proving that their products are continuing to provide amazing sound quality, that are packed with convenient features and small details that really take these products to phenomenal level.

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  1. The Momentum series is more geared towards the average consumer who is looking for professional quality sound.

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