Technology X is Live at CES 2016!

We are back for this year’s rendition of the Consumer Electronics Show for 2016! CES is typically full of exciting new technology and gadget announcements that make us drool while we wait for the official launch. It is a great opportunity to see what technology is coming down the pipeline. We are privledged to demonstrate to you the samples that various manufacturers have brought to here to showcase during the week.

CES featured

While there is not as much ‘hype’ for this year, the show is still full of new technology. This year we can expect to see the wearable market continue its dominance, possibly by throwing a twist into what some may consider to be ‘normal’. We can also expect this year to be full of drones, new car technology, advancements in Smart Home gadgetry, maybe even rideables (such as hoverboards, which are banned from being used to travel around the Las Vegas Convention Centre). Of course, we can also expect to see updates to the personal computing market, including the storage industry.

Stay tuned as we will be providing coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show for the remainder of the week!

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