Thermaltake Shows Off Their Core Chassis Line – CES 2015 Update

Moving over to peripherals, we witnessed first hand the new Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Ventus X. This is the type of gaming mouse that makes you say “wow” as soon as you pick it up. Taking a step away from it’s ambidextrous brother, the Ventus, the Ventus X is a right-handed mouse with an ergonomic design. The rubber grip located on the left side, where your thumb fits, feels absolutely amazing. The black mouse features a 5700 DPI laser sensor, 6 buttons, 30 macro keys, 5 game profiles and red LED’s, which can pulse or go into Game Mode. The mouse also comes equipped a gold-plated USB that has a braided cable length of 1.8M.

Ventus X

Next up was the new Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB and TouchBar. Firstly, the RGB version is a fully back-lit mechanical keyboard with 16.8 million RGB LED backlight. We received a demonstration which showcased the really cool effects such as wave and ripple. Color control and effects are easily changed through the Poseidon Z RGB GUI.

Poseidon RGB

We then witness one of the most innovative gaming keyboards, the Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z TouchBar. This keyboard features a spacebar with a touch function … yes, you heard that correctly. Using the TouchBar GUI, you can modify how many zones you can touch on the space bar and program each zone to a different function, even equipping it to preset macros.


Last up on the block from Thermaltake was the new Plus line up for the Theron Gaming Mouse and the Poseidon Z. Both feature built-in bluetooth capability, which allows for the Tt eSPORTS mobile application to record mouse and keyboard usage statistics, such as mouse clicks or most used keyboard keys. This can possibly help you improve your gaming by using statistics and also by utilizing Tt eSPORTS Plus Community to share and compare your stats. You can check out how pro-gamers are using their peripherals for the same game and compare it to your usage. Who knows, you may see something that could help take your gaming to the next level! Take a closer look at the Theron Plus+ Gaming Mouse and the Poseidon Z Plus+ Gaming Keyboard below.

Poseidon Plus_clipped_rev_1 Theron Plus_clipped_rev_1

Also on display in the Thermaltake suite was a prototype of circular LED case fans, which have their LED’s entirely circling the fan blades, as well as a touchscreen fan controller.

LED Circle Fans Touchscreen Fan Controler

Lastly we were also introduced to the new power supply graphical user interface. This interface allows you to keep track of temperature, voltage, current, wattage and even cost. This data can be shared 24/7 via the cloud, which is an excellent solution for IT professionals.


Here is a closer look at the graphical interface:


Stay tuned as we keep you up-to-date with our experience through CES 2015!

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