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Accessory Power Enhance GX-H2 Gaming Headphones Review

Accessory Power Enhance GX-H2 (8 of 9)

We all have wants and needs, but we also have budgets. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find something you really want that also fits within our daily budgets. Thankfully enough Accessory Power has listened to our pleas and released their new Enhance GX-H2 gaming headphones. At only $20 these 2.0 stereo gaming headphones are definitely one gaming product the consumer …

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PNY CS1311 SSD Review (480GB) – An Easy HDD to SSD Upgrade!

PNY CS1311 SSD (3 of 8)

You may recall that earlier this week we posted a review of the PNY CS2211 SSD, specifically designed for gamers and enthusiasts. Today we are looking at the simpler consumer drive the PNY CS1311 SSD, designed to make upgrading from the lagging HDD a breeze. As PNY explains, this drive is an excellent option for replacing a hard drive, a secondary …

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M-Edge Beast iPhone 6/6S Case Review – Not Your Average Case!


With the progression of wireless headphones making the mess and annoyance of cords a thing of the past, we are presented with a new problem. Still carrying that bulky awesome phone on you while walking around the gym. Having it fall out your pocket while laying on the flat bench and then having to worry about where you drop the …

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PNY CS2211 SSD Review (480GB)

PNY CS2211 9

Today, we are reviewing one SSD that serves as an excellent upgrade from a slow and sluggish PC to a quick gaming rig – the PNY CS2211 2.5″ SATA III SSD. This is PNY’s latest storage product to enter their gaming and enthusiast line, XLR8. While some may still be digging their way out of a snow storm, others may be …

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iFamCare Helmet 1080p Full HD Monitor Review


OVERVIEW With security and safety being one of the biggest things people are concerned about when it comes to their homes, iFamCare has come out with a very diverse smart home system that lets you have a little more piece of mind while you’re away from your home. The Helmet, as it is named by it’s shape, boasts some pretty …

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Ergo Air Charge Wireless Charging Review


What is wireless charging? If asked, we would describe it as wireless charging as the ability to charge our wireless devices without having to plug it in anywhere. Simply, to receive a charge by placing our devices on or near the charging station. Over the past while we have seen products that have dabbled into the wireless charging realm but …

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Zagg Flex Arc Wireless Headset Review


Pepcom brought us in touch this year with many new products and companies. Standing out on an innovation front to us was Zagg. They introduced us to the Flex Arc Wireless Headset. Which will be available in February of 2016.PACKAGING & CONTENTS Zagg has given us a fairly plain and basic packaging. Nothing really jumps out at you as far …

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Click Here To Help Our Veterans – Less Than 48 Hours


Some time ago, Essentially Tech Media, of which The SSD Review is a part, purchased a new ‘business’ vehicle that seems to have gained much more attention than ever expected. It is a 2015 Corvette Z06 with 650 horsepower as it rolls off the line. Pictures taken as we traveled across Canada and The USA have gone viral, and as …

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