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Paul Tokar

Paul was born in '86 and has been toying with tech since the early 90's. He's a Canadian Military member, a hockey player, thinks he's a chess master and loves trying to console video games and anything else techy that catches his eye.

Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro AiO Cooler Review

A few days back we took had our first look at the Hydro Series from Corsair, The 240mm H115i Pro. The results of which made us very happy and intensely looking towards the review of the H150i. The difference being the H150i pro is the upgraded radiator size, now boasting a 360 rad we are anticipatory of the results we …

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Deep Cool Captain 240 EX RGB Liquid Cooler Review

Today we are going to take a look at a cooler from a company you don’t see much of on TechX but after a successful trip to CES and some progress in  some great relationships we are happy to bring you today’s review of the Captain 240 EX White RGB AiO Liquid Cooler.The Captain arrives in a very impressive retail …

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Cooler Master at Palms Place Tower – CES 2018 Update

Next stop, Cooler Master at the Palm’s Place Tower. Our visit started off with a trip to the peripherals table. Launching their new 800 series which features “Aimpad”, which takes gaming up a notch making an 8-key cluster (including WASD”) pressure sensitive allowing just that much more control to your gaming experience.The MM830 mouse is the co-pilot to the keyboard …

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Patriot EVLVing at CES 2018

Taking a trip to the Bellagio for us synonymous with visiting Patriot and today we are quite excited to get a first hand look at the EVLVR thunderbolt external SSD. Boasting speeds of 1500 MB/s read and 1000 MB/s write at the 1TB capacity of this drive it will be an essential piece of kit for many. Made up of a …

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Cooler Master MA610P Air Cooler Review

We are not too sure if it’s the whether or what but seems that “cooling” is the theme at the moment. Today we are going to take a look at the MA610P from Cooler Master. Recently released, this cooler brings dual 120 fans to a fairly substantial sized radiator to hopefully bring great cooling potential. Contents, and Pricing Part of …

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PNY 64GB OTG Flash Drive Review

PNY has offered us a solution to an issue that has always perturbed us and maybe even you. The hassle of file transfer, especially photos, from an Apple device to a PC. While there are ways to transfer, email, airdrop, etc. We have always longed for the simplicity to match that of a flash drive to PC transfer; click, drag, …

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Noctua NH-L12S Cooler Review

Teaming up with Noctua we are going to be taking a bit of  shift today off of the main-stream AiO liquid cooler you are used to seeing and trying out something a little different, a low-profile air cooler.The NH-L12S is a product name that could you a little improving but we are looking forward to seeing what this CPU cooler …

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Cooler Master ML120L RGB AiO Cooler Review

With our Mini-ITX build packed nicely away inside the Elite 130 chassis, it’s time to start testing out some cooling units for the CPU within.First, on the agenda is the ML120L RGB, part of the Master Liquid Lite series. Now recently we have reviewed the Master Liquid Lite series but today is an upgrade into an RGB version. We also …

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Cooler Master Elite 130 Mini-ITX Chassis Review

Welcome back and for the first time we will be doing a Mini-ITX build showcasing Cooler Master’s Elite 130 Chassis. Packaging, Contents, and Pricing The Elite 130 arrives in a vanilla Cardboard box, which also doubles as a large frame of reference for specifications for the case and a quick image of what the chassis looks like. The front face …

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