Accessory Power Enhance GX-H2 Gaming Headphones Review


Since these headphones utilize a simple dual 3.5mm stereo audio and microphone system there is no need for a USB jack or any drivers. Simply plug and play.


This is always a favourite feature of ours as this not only makes initial set up time virtually zero but it also means these headphones are compatible with any device that uses a 3.5mm jack. This in turn makes the headphones compatible with your computer, phone, mp3 player, and much more.


As we stated earlier since the microphone is made out of a hard plastic there is no play in the arm. This greatly restricts to location of the microphone on the user’s face drastically limiting the audio capabilities of the microphone itself. Without any way to position the microphone closer or farther away from the user’s mouth it’s ultimately up to how they talk and just how loud or quiet they are to determine the quality of their recording. Furthermore, without any included software, the user is restricted to the limited audio tweaks of their recording software or computer. In the end, if the user comes across any issues with the recording of their voice, with the limited playability of the microphone arm, the user is going to have to change the way they talk into the microphone altogether.


These are stereo 2.0 headphones, not surround; therefore we can’t compare these to any headphones other than stereo. That being said Accessory Power’s Enhance GX-H2 Gaming Headphones are still great budget headphones that can hold up well against most other stereo headphones out there. At only $20 we definitely expected a subpar audio experience with an uncomfortable feel and a lot of muffled audio. Surprisingly enough we were quite pleased with our overall experience.


First off you are never going to have to worry about the audio being too quiet to hear, these headphones let you absolutely crank the volume leaving your head rattling if that’s just what you desire. When most budget headphones turn their volume up too loud they end up distorting the audio; fortunately enough this is not the case. You may turn up the volume as loud as your eardrums can handle and there won’t be any distortion to ruin your audio experience.


When it comes to any audio source, treble and bass are the two aspects that make or break the audio quality. The treble aspect of these headphones is fairly decent being able to properly display the highs and lows without much trouble at all. Unfortunately, on the other hand we did find the bass to be slightly lacking. While still noticeable, we couldn’t help but wish the bass was boosted just a little more. The bass was powerful enough to carry the audio but it wasn’t quite enough to really round off our listening experience.


Once again, at the small asking price of only $20, Accessory Power’s Enhance GX-H2 Gaming Headphones are a great buy. With solid 2.0 stereo audio and a built in microphone these headphones are built to tackle any desire a gamer on a budget has. Proudly displaying a crisp and stylish black and blue design, Accessory Power’s Enhance GX-H2 Gaming Headphones are a definite buy for anyone looking to buy their next gaming peripheral without breaking the bank. For these many reasons we are awarding this product our Silver Seal!

Tech X Silver Seal Opt

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We all have wants and needs, but we also have budgets. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find something you really want that also fits within our daily budgets. Thankfully enough Accessory Power has listened to our pleas and released their new Enhance GX-H2 gaming headphones. At only $20 these 2.0 stereo gaming headphones are definitely one gaming product the consumer on a budget won’t want to overlook. PACKAGING & DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS Accessory Power’s Enhance GX-H2 gaming headphones come in a stylish black box with blue accents displaying the product specifications as well as a few of the main selling features.…




Accessory Power’s Enhance GX-H2 Gaming Headphones are a fantastic find a great buy for any gamer on a budget!

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