Accessory Power Enhance GX-H3 Gaming Headphones Review – Power on a Budget!


Again, since there is no USB cable or need for any drivers to use these headphones, any device with a 3.5mm stereo jack can operate these headphones just fine. We have always been a huge fan of this feature as it makes them much more versatile in their compatibility. From MP3 players to cell phones to computers there is nothing these headphones can’t tackle.

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With the in-line controller’s large and easy to locate buttons, toggling them without the user looking is no hassle at all. Again, we wish these buttons were instead located on an ear cup eliminating the need to have this bulky device on the cable, but in the end this is just a simple design choice that doesn’t affect the overall performance of the headphones at all. The in-line controller plays out its role flawlessly so all that it comes down to is simple personal preference.


Just like its brother, Accessory Power’s GX-H3 Gaming Headphones are a 2.0 stereo gaming headset, not surround. Without the powerful functionality of surround sound capability, these headphones still squeeze every little bit of performance power out of the simpler 2.0 setup to still deliver a fantastic audio experience.

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Similar to the GX-H2’s, these headphones still properly hit all the treble notes, albeit it with more power and accuracy. The most noticeable difference is the bass. Unlike its brother, this pair boasts a superior bass experience really pushing the lows deep within the user’s head.

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As for the microphone it does an average but adequate job of recording. With no fancy bells or whistles the mic picked up our voices effortlessly and played them back with the more-or-less standard quality we were expecting for a budget pair of headphones. The recording had some muffling with a generally noticeable bassy tone but thankfully enough it was not overpowering. While we don’t recommend these headphones for any professional recording, using them for general voice chat in games or programs such as Skype will be just fine.


Sitting on the lower end of the price spectrum for gaming peripherals at only $35, Accessory Power’s GX-H3 Gaming Headphones are a safe, solid purchase for any gamer trying to not break the bank. Boasting powerful 2.0 stereo capabilities, a very comfortable feel, and an included mic for recording, these headphones are a powerful contender in the congested gaming peripheral world.

We are happy to award Accessory Power’s GX-H3 Gaming Headphones our Silver Seal!

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With Accessory Power pumping out a lot of new gaming peripherals for the gaming market it was a matter of time until we received a pair of GX-H3’s to review. With our review of their GX-H2’s already up on the site you will be able to see and compare the difference and similarities of these products and ultimately decide for yourself which of these two solid products you would like to purchase. Coming in at $35, these stereo headphones are still on the lower end of the price scale for similar products so let’s see how they compare to the…

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2.0 at its Best!

Accessory Power’s Enhance GX-H3 Gaming Headphones are a great step in the right direction improving on the GX-H2 in nearly every aspect. Can't go wrong here!

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