Ace Displays MMS5 Media Server for Videophiles – CES 2015 Update

This week at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, we got a chance to check out Ace, a company that specializes in enterprise server solutions as well as high-end Media Servers, which they sell only to re-sellers.

As many will know, Media Servers and HTPCs are not as big of a market as they use to be, due in large part to Smart TVs, and devices like the Roku box. So, it very refreshing to see a company like Ace still in the sector, and continuing to innovate.



Their latest protoype server, the MMS5 features ultra quiet, fan-less designs thanks to their all aluminum chassis and external heat-sink design. It also features high-end, high-quality components such as a slot-loading Blu-Ray drive, 1TB internal SSD, with an external 4TB drive included connected to 1 of 6 USB 3.0 ports for additional storage. You also get a Killer 2200 NIC and Dual-Band wireless AC rated for 867MBps.


It can power up to 3 displays at once with two ports capable of 4K via HDMI and DisplayPort, motherboard audio is rated for 110 dB SNR and includes BNC-SPDIF output. Finally, it’s all powered by an Intel Core i7 and 32GB of DDR3 1866MHz or faster RAM.  It comes in black (shown above) or silver.

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