ADATA DashDrive Elite SE720 128GB External SSD Review


A primary focus at Technology X is to relate our testing situations and equipment to that of the consumer. All of the components we use for testing and evaluation can be easily purchased at a relatively affordable price. The links provided below can assist in pricing, as well as availability for those of you who may find interest in our equipment.


 PC CHASSIS: Cooler Master CM Strom Stryker Chassis
 CPU: Intel i5-3570K CPU
 CPU COOLER: Corsair H80 CPU Cooler
 POWER SUPPLY: Cooler Master M2 Silent Pro 850W PSU
 SYSTEM COOLING: Cooler Master 3 PC Fans
 MEMORY: Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 1600 MHz
 HBA: HighPoint RocketU 1144C 4 x USB 3.0 20Gb/s


For analytical purposes, Technology X uses benchmark software that is easily accessible for the consumer. Furthermore, our equipment is only “fine tuned” using the SSD Optimization Guide, meaning that CPU clock speeds have not been adjusted.

ADATA has noted the DashDrive as being capable of read and write speeds of up to 300MB/s and 400MB/s respectfully. Let’s see how the DashDrive stands up to our testing protocols!


Crystal Disk Info is a great tool for displaying the characteristics and health of storage devices. It displays everything from temperatures, to the number of hours the device has been powered, and even to the extent of informing you of the firmware of the device.


ATTO Disk Benchmark is a relatively easy-to-use benchmark tool, which happens to be the benchmark of choice for many manufacturers. ATTO uses compressible data rather than random data, as this results in higher performance and thus, higher benchmark scores. In our testing, we have selected the transfer size to range from 0.5KB to 8192KB, and have set the total length of the test to be 256MB.

 ATTO Benchmark - ADATA Dash Drive

The DashDrive exceeds write expectations with speeds up to 355 MB/s. Surprisingly enough, the read speeds were coming in lower than what was previously noted, reaching only as high as 282 MB/s.


Crystal Disk Benchmark is visually straightforward, and is used for measuring the speeds at which your storage device reads and writes in both compressible (oFill/1Fill) and random, mostly incompressible, data. Random data is more consistent with everyday use of a computer, such as the transferring of videos, pictures and music.

We ran the benchmark twice, using oFill data first, and then proceeding to test with random data. The results for the DashDrive using compressible data (right) came back expected, and were very similar to the results seen with the ATTO. Meanwhile, the random data results (left) displayed write speeds of 192 MB/s.

From USB flash drives to solid-state drives, ADATA is worldly renown for their memory products. They routinely produce innovative products and this October ADATA released the DashDrive Elite SE720 external solid state drive, which is not only innovative, but stunning!  The DashDrive is sleek, practically weightless, and has the performance potential to embarrass an external hard disk drive! DESIGN ADATA has produced the best looking external SSD, and external storage device. The DashDrive is enclosed in a gorgeous stainless steel exterior, which is also scratch resistant. On top of being one of the best looking external storage devices, the DashDrive…

Review Overview


Excellent External Storage!

The DashDrive is slim, sleek, fast and has a price point that won't hurt your wallet! This gorgeous external storage device is well deserving of the Technology X Innovation Award!

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