ADATA HD720 External Hard Disk (1TB) Review – Durability At Its Finest!


After our extensive testing of the ADATA HD720, we can say that we are rather impressed with it;s performance. Obviously, this isn’t a SSD, so we weren’t expecting those types of speeds. However, when we started comparing this external drive to others we could see that this drive comes right in on par at approximately 110 MB/s for both sequential read and write.


What set this external drive apart from any others is that it is able to withstand a fair bit more than your typical external, as we are referring to its durability. This is an excellent option for the videographers or photographers on-the-go. It may not be the best option for quickly transferring files, but it may serve the purpose of storing some fairly important software that may be needed out in the wild.

For $69, we would also recommend this drive to any student entering into college or university. Our research shows that the pricing is a tad bit higher than other portable external hard drives, but they don’t meet the same durability standards as the ADATA HD720. This drive is well-worth our Gold Seal of Approval!

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Today we are looking at the latest, ultra durable external hard disk drive available from ADATA, the HD720. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to look at the HD710A, which had a little different purpose, mainly for targeting the Mac market. The HD720 is your solution to water, dust and shock. Keep reading to find out more! TERMINOLOGY AND STORAGE STANDARDS Much of the testing and terminology used throughout the remainder of this article is focused on storage devices, and how they perform when put under different situations. If you are looking to learn more about storage, mainly flash storage, then…

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The ADATA HD720 External Hard Disk Drive is one of the most durable external storage solution we have seen to date. Well deserving of our Gold Seal of Approval!

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  1. I have achieved an ADATA HD 720-1T USB disk. I use it with an ASUS laptop as an external bootable disk for Linux (I have windows 8.1 installed on my SSD laptop drive). On the ADATA drive I have 3 different Linux distros installed. It work just fine (thanks to USB 3.0). Great product..

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