Advantage Video Systems – Storage Visions 2015 Update

While walking through the exhibits at Storage Visions 2015, one of the booths that immediately caught our eye was Advantage Video Systems. Their main focus is to produce a customized video system that can be unique for any customer. Specifically on display at their booth was an extraordinary product that was rented by The Discovery Channel, the 4Kase.

Advantage Featured

The Discovery Channel utilized the 4Kase to bring their entire video system to the top of a volcano. Rather than bringing multiple video components and fumbling to ensure they are all connected correctly, you have one integrated system.

4 Kase

The 4Kase is listed as a 4K mobile, post-production editing system, that comes equipped with a 28″ 4K monitor, all in a rugged package. Within that rugged package, you can encase a Mac Pro, and all of its I/O panel features are still readily accessible on the backside of the case. Through the I/O panel, you can access a 4K HDMI in and 4K HDMI out. Better yet, the 4Kase has room for 16 SATA Drive Bays, JBL stereo speakers, a UPS with 90 minutes of power backup time, and 6 expansion slots for additional cards. The case itself has 4 wheels, four handles (one of which is retractable), is stackable and crushproof.

Kase Back

To own the 4Kase, without the Mac Pro and drives, it will run you $9,000.00. Of course, you can speak with Advantage Video Systems for a more customized video editing system. For more information on Advantage Video Systems, and the systems they can offer, head on over to their website for here.

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