be quiet! Straight Power 10 600W Power Supply – Unboxing and Overview


Once the warranty sticker and screws are removed, we reveal the Silent Wings 3 135mm fan. Our research indicates the fan is run up to 1,500 rpm and at maximum speed can pump out 70.2 CFM.

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As you can seen, be quiet! opted for IC controllers and multiple heatsinks to help with heat dissipation. be quiet! also incorporates Active Clamp and Synchronous Rectifier (SR) designs, which is a cost effective means to reach the 80 PLUS Gold certification (up to 800 Watts).

be quiet! Straight Power 10 4

The Straight Power 10 features four 12V rails, and at 100% load can handle 92.1 % efficiency.

be quiet! Straight Power 10 2

You will also notices that be quiet! opted for cheaper Chinese TEAPO capacitors, rather than the higher quality Japanese capacitor. This is an obvious choice to keep costings down for the end product.


Overall, we are somewhat impressed with the Straight Power 10. It is exactly as the name sounds, and can be considered that way, it is a straight forward power supply. No bells or whistles included, well maybe with the exception of these amazing Silent Wings 3 fan. The Silent Wings 3 are recommended to everyone, in fact we highly encourage you to try out these fans if you haven’t yet, because when they say they are nearly inaudible, that is completely true.

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Our time with the Straight Power 10 has been simple, we have testing multiple GPU’s (not in Nvidia SLI configurations) and have not found any problems. What we do have a problem with is the pricing and capacitors. For the prices we found, we except to see high quality Japanese capacitors, even though the Chinese TEAPO are rated for 105C.

This is an excellent power supply for anyone looking to put together a HTPC, the power supply is extremely silent and will easily handles the loads of a powerful media centre PC. With all of this being said, we award be quiet! with out Silver Seal of Approval!

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As a company that prides themselves on their name and producing products that are near silent to the human ear, one can only hold the same expectation and standard to that of other products. Today we have the privilege of upgrading our Z77 test bench to include the be quiet! Straight Power 10 600W Power Supply. PACKAGING, PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS Classified under be quiet!'s premium product line, the Straight Power 10 power supply is designed just for that, a straight forward intention. The packaging keeps the motive as it includes a quick image of the power supply, along with a brief…

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Straight Forward!

The be quiet! Straight Power 10 power supply looks to be your basic power supply, but has the frills of a completely silent component that provides Gold PLUS 80 efficiency.

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