BitFenix AEGIS Core mATX Case Review


Overall, building a system with this case is rather straight forward. The only real issue we had was with the tool-less 2.5″ drive bays. They position the drives too far away from the back. It makes it hard to connect two drives in there to our PSU SATA cables and it is also hard to fit SATA cables into the drives once installed.

BitFenix AEGIS Case CablesIn terms of cable management, this case does not leave users much room for error. There is very little room between the motherboard tray and the side panel which forces you to have to spread the cables out rather than bundle them up tidily. However, there are plenty of locations where you can zip-tie cables down. We found the small 2.5″ drive bay location behind the PSU to be perfect for storing excess PSU cables.

Furthermore, PSUs up to 160mm in length can be installed with the 3.5″ drive cage in its standard position, with it moved you can fit longer PSUs up to 220mm if needed. There is a PSU cover included to clean up the interior look of the system as well. Up to two graphics cards that are up to 380mm can be installed with the case in its standard layout. CPU coolers up to 170mm in height can fit in the case as well.


The BitFenix AEGIS Core offers lots of versatility and space for the price, especially for watercooling enthusiasts. There are many ways to build a custom water loop in it with its well laid out fan and radiator mounting options. It is also handy that the case includes a universal pump mount and reservoir bracket to help ease the installation of your setup. Also, with all the different airflow routes, you can be assured that there will be minimal dust build up inside your case with its dust filters all around, although the magnets on the front and bottom filters are a bit weak.

The large side panel window displays all your components beautify and BitFenix has even included a PSU cover to help with aesthetics. Another added value of this case is that it comes with a fan controller, something that usually more expensive cases include.

BitFenix AEGIS Case Complete

With all this said, we also have to look at the case objectively and point out its cons. Besides the magnets on the dust filters being a bit weak, we weren’t that impressed to see that it came with only fan, which is used as exhaust. We would have liked to see an included a front intake fan, however, given that this case is mainly meant for those who will be doing water cooling, it is more than likely that if you are buying this case you would be adding in extra fans anyways. Another issue we encountered was the fact that the 2.5″ tool-less drive bay leaves the SATA data and power connections of the drives a bit too recessed in the cage and as a result it is a bit difficult to hook up drives in it. Finally, the front panel and windowed side panel plastics scratch easily, so you will want to be careful around it if you don’t want any scratches.

Other than that, we don’t have anything else to pick at. The BitFenix AEGIS Core, while it comes without the Logo Display, still offers a lot of bang for the buck. It has a cool design, comes in an array of popular colors to match whatever color build you are thinking of, and has a very versatile design for both air and watercooling setups. While Amazon currently lists it for $90, with a bit of searching you can find it for about $65, making it well worth our Top Value Award!


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The BitFenix AEGIS is quite an interesting microATX case. Its shield-inspired front is stylistic and they claim that it also helps to keep down noise. It is offered in bold colors and just like many cases as of late, its designed has been heavy influenced by watercooling capability and modularity. This case can support up to eight 120mm fans or five 140mm fans, or if you are going the watercooling route, it can support dual 280mm radiators or even a 360mm and 280mm radiator combo! There are two models. The regular AEGIS ICON and the AEGIS Core. The Core model…

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The BitFenix AEGIS Core is available in red, blue, yellow, white, and black. It's overall design is appealing and very versatile to host all the hardware needed for both air and watercooling setups.

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