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The new Blackberry smart phone family is now realizing its success drawn from the Blackberry 10 OS and each style serves its own distinct purpose. Where the Blackberry Z10 matches the need of the full screen compact smart phone user, the Z30 provides for the power minded larger screen fan, while the BlackBerry Q10 fills that void where the need for a physical keyboard remains. We will soon see yet another ‘style’ of smartphone with a keyboard in the Blackberry Passport and it seems that BlackBerry is drawing on the belief that affording variety to the consumer results in sucess. As much as Blackberry has a long way to go to catch the giants on the block, their recent turn in financials is a great start.

BlackBerry Family

From a user’s perspective, the Q10 has just the right combination of touchscreen and physical keys to provide a great operator/smart phone experience. This results in the typical user finding more features easier to use and results in a more complete experience. As an example, just imagine the number of people still not using their smartphone cameras because ‘getting there’ is just too hard. If we make things easy, not only can more be accomplished, but new features explored. We found this first hand when exploring the BB 10 OS in our Z30 Report where those not so ‘in tune’ with IOS and Android seem to catch on the BB 10 OS way much quicker.

Blackberry Q10 Keyboard

Positives drawn from the Q10 are highlighted by the OS, but we also found the build to be very comfortable in our hands and solid, keyboard use to be easily accomplished and the display to be very clear with a very effective touchpad. We learned that external keyboard features included keyword identification of such words as ‘email’, ‘bbm’, ‘calendar’, ‘text’, and many others, once again making this smart phone putty in the hands of a power user. The camera also has new camera features to include HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) for low light shots, and Time Shift, where a number of shots are taken during a 2 second interval, all of which can be viewed to ensure just the right picture results.

BlackBerry Q10 Extra

Checking pricing, we still find the BlackBerry Q10 as cheap as $79 when we attach it to a plan, but the price for the unlocked international version (without contract) is only $256US or $319CDN, depending on which Amazon you shop on. This is a great price considering what we see from other similar devices.  Being unlocked, it can work with any SIM card period; there is no need to set it up with the carrier if you have the card.  In our case, my son had a Telus SIM card and his iPhone went dead, coincidentally right when I was reviewing this Q10.  We popped it out of the iPhone, cleaned the Apple residue off, and popped it in the Q10.  It worked right away…no setup whatsoever….voice, text and data.

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LUCKY NUMBER 10 If any one number could be considered lucky for BlackBerry, it would be the number 10. Their release of the BB Z10 full screen smart phone was followed a short time later by the Q10 with its physical keyboard; both of which contain the totally redesigned BB 10 OS. All of this occurred during the year that Blackberry was hit the hardest, both financially and in the press. The number 10 not only served as a safety net for BlackBerry, but also, it just may be the good luck charm needed as stock numbers are so close…

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Q10 Build
Ease of Operation
Battery Life
Price and Availability

Incredible Multi-Tasking!

The BlackBerry Q10 is a shining example of how an amazing product build can be complemented by the worlds best smart phone OS. Simply put, no other can evenly remotely match the BB OS 10 in multi-tasking!

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